Unlocking the Power of Your API Gateway


The Service Mesh and API Platform for Kubernetes, Zero-Trust and Microservices

What is Gloo Platform?

Gloo Platform integrates API Gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, Service Mesh, and Cloud-native Networking technologies into a unified, multi-cloud application networking platform.


Enabling a Zero-Trust Security model for both API and Microservice Application deployments. Perimeter-based security is no longer sufficient to keep your business safe. Zero-trust security enables the business to cryptographically authenticate every API call, every user, every partner, and every application. Zero-trust ensures that both external and internal hackers are prevented from damaging applications and data.


Accelerating Microservice Application deployments, and Application Modernization. For modern application development teams, the ability to create new applications, new microservices, and new APIs is critical to delivering improved business capabilities and digital transformation. As teams deployment more microservices and APIs, they are faced with the challenge of complex topologies, complex security, and ever changing developer priorities. Application development teams need to have access to secure, self-service, scalable cloud environments. They need the ability to manage and troubleshoot their microservice applications and APIs in ways that allow them to focus on business success.


Enabling DevOps agility through automation and GitOps. In today’s fast-moving world, it’s critical that operations teams can rapidly deploy, scale and secure cloud-native infrastructure. That makes it important to work with Service Mesh and API platforms that are build for the cloud, and leverage Infrastructure-as-Code and GitOps best practices.