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Gloo Platform

Is complexity slowing down your ability to scale and secure your cloud native applications? Gloo Platform integrates API gateway, API management, Kubernetes Ingress, Istio service mesh and cloud-native networking into a unified application networking platform.

Secure Cloud Applications, Simplify API Management


Quickly introduce zero trust security policies across north-south and east-west traffic


Next-generation architecture built to grow with your multi-cluster applications


Single interface and API for managing your gateway and service mesh together

The Power of Unified

Have you considered all the different requirements you have for connectivity, observability, and security for both your internal and external APIs? What is your experience of having different solutions for exposing, managing and securing APIs and microservices?

If you are using multiple different interfaces that aren’t connected to manage each of your API gateway and service mesh solutions, you might find extra complexity in your way when you try to scale your applications.

How do you think your experience, and your developers’ experience would be improved by having a unified solution?

Introducing Gloo Platform

By addressing both internal and external communication security, the unified Gloo Platform UI and API leads to more automation and faster app deployment times, reduces time-to-value for new applications and services deployments, and makes you more competitive in your markets. Customers may start by addressing one challenge, but the unified nature of Gloo Platform makes it easy to solve your next challenge using the same solution. This makes it easier to introduce concepts like zero trust security to your modern infrastructure today.

Gloo Platform components are powered by open source projects like Envoy proxy, Istio service mesh, and Cilium CNI. The team is deeply involved in these open source communities to bring innovation and leadership to the upstream projects and to provide exceptional support to our customers, all packaged together in Gloo Platform.

GlooPlatform V1

Add in Gloo Portal

As a part of Gloo Platform, Gloo Portal provides a Kubernetes-native framework for managing the definitions of APIs, API client identity, and API policies that enables GitOps and CI/CD workflows. The portal abstracts the complexity and enables developers to publish, document, share, discover, and use APIs.

  • Rich policy controls
  • Detailed configuration information
  • Comprehensive security


Figure 4 Gloo Portal Source
Graphql Gm Ui

Include GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language for your APIs with a server for fulfilling queries from your user interfaces, providing a more powerful and flexible alternative to REST for pulling data from your microservices. Instead of multiple endpoints that return fixed data structures, a GraphQL server only exposes a single endpoint and responds with precisely the data a client requested.

Gloo GraphQL is another module that can be added to Gloo Platform to further simplify your API consumption.

  • Embeds a GraphQL server natively into Envoy enabling federated queries of your APIs using your service mesh and API gateways.
  • Improves performance by eliminating the additional network hop to a separate GraphQL server
  • All with no additional GraphQL servers required!


Solve Real Problems with Gloo Platform

Gloo Platform can help solve some of these challenges:

  • Zero trust security architecture for APIs and microservices
  • Combine north-south and east-west traffic management (API gateway + service mesh)
  • Unified failover and security policy across gateway and mesh 
  • Aligning with the leading approaches to software development
  • Scale across multiple dimensions (multi-cluster, multi-tenant, multi-cloud)
Gloo Platform Architecture

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