Our solution architects look forward to working with you on how the Gloo portfolio can secure, scale, simplify and save costs for your application networking needs. Benefits of the Gloo Platform include:

  • Securing & scaling your APIs
  • Securing & reducing the cost of your Kubernetes environment
  • Reducing your AWS API Gateway costs
  • Enabling zero-trust security for your environment
  • Deploying & Managing Istio service mesh
  • Modernizing applications & moving to the cloud

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Gloo Platform brings together the industry’s leading cloud native 2.0 technologies in an integrated way that nobody else in the industry can deliver, enabling a new set of capabilities that were never available in standalone products:

  • A unified operational model for all elements of the platform
  • A unified control plane to enable consistent deploys, scalability and security
  • A unified API to manage both API-GW and service mesh functionality
  • A modular architecture that allows you to start with any component of Gloo Platform and easily be able to add other components without making changes to the existing environment
  • A set of consistent technologies across Layer 3 to Layer 7 to simplify operations and enable consistent deployments of policies and filters
  • An extended support model that enables support for much longer periods than standard open source projects

Our solution architects are looking forward to working with you on how the Gloo portfolio can enable your application networking use cases for the Edge and Service Mesh.

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