Modern Service Connectivity

API Infrastructure from the Edge to Service Mesh
Built on Istio and Envoy Proxy

The Gloo API Infrastructure Platform

Transform to a cloud-native application architecture and connect application services, services meshes, clusters, and clouds.

Gloo Mesh

Unified service mesh management plane with production support for Istio streamlines service mesh adoption and operation from your first cluster to multiple clusters across clouds.

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Gloo Edge

Next generation API gateway and Ingress controller built on Envoy Proxy to enable and secure traffic at the edge.

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Gloo Portal

Catalog and expose running APIs in Gloo Edge or Istio service mesh to your developers, partners, and community.

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Gloo Extensions

Build, share, and deploy WebAssembly (Wasm) modules to customize Envoy Proxy and Envoy-based solutions like Istio and the Gloo platform.

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Gloo Mesh Gloo Edge Gloo Portal Gloo Extensions

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