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Some modern applications require advanced levels of packet filtering, security and observability. Gloo Network enables Cilium-CNI powered by eBPF to enable networking, packet filtering and observability for modern applications. Gloo Network is a modular component of Gloo Platform.

Enhance Your Security


Powerful network filtering and observability for your application networking architecture


CNI architecture allows you be future-proofed as the cloud-native journey evolves and grows

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Integrated technologies provide zero trust security for critical workloads

Extend Security Into Your Infrastructure Layers

Most modern applications that are built using containers are orchestrated with Kubernetes. The CNI plugin provides a method to customize the networking layer used by the Kubernetes control plane. With Linux as the underlying operating system for most containers, the CNI plugin offers a way to manage the underlying Linux networking stack in the declarative model defined by Kubernetes.

Using eBPF to access the raw interface of the data link layer is a valuable Linux kernel networking security feature. This enables the dynamic insertion of powerful security, visibility, and networking control logic into the Linux kernel. While this is not a requirement for all containerized deployments, using the CNI plugin to manage the eBPF capabilities can open up new paths to securing the network layer underneath the container.

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Why does adopting zero trust matter for next-generation applications?

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Deliver Deeper Security Today with Gloo Network

Gloo Network provides a powerful Cilium CNI for Kubernetes clusters. Cilium is an open source software for providing, securing and observing network connectivity between container workloads – cloud native, and fueled by the revolutionary Kernel technology eBPF.

With the addition of Gloo Network, the Gloo Platform now provides Istio, Envoy Proxy, Cilium, eBPF, and Kubernetes CNI in one integrated platform. These integrated technologies provide high-performance networking, zero trust security, advanced observability for microservice applications, and multi-tenancy isolation of critical workloads.

  • Control traffic with policies
  • Multitenancy and zero trust with workspaces
  • Enhanced performance
  • N-4 version support for Cilium
  • Built-in observability tools
  • Central Gloo management

Do you want to learn how to use Gloo Network?

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Better with Gloo Mesh

Network security is even better when it is an extension of your cloud native application security. Extend the power of Cilium by connecting Gloo Network to Gloo Mesh and the features of Istio service mesh. Enabling eBPF-based acceleration in your service mesh does not change the way the service mesh works. When you use Gloo Mesh and Gloo Network together, you can accelerate request processing with eBPF for Istio workloads in your service mesh, and reduce network latency.

With this defense-in-depth approach, you can create a multi-layer defense mechanism and address many attack vectors to protect your apps from being compromised.

Solve Real Problems with Gloo Network

Gloo Network can be deployed to enhance the security posture for the following use-cases:

  • Providing high-performance networking and load-balancing
  • Extracting fine-grained security observability data at low overhead
  • Helping application developers trace applications
  • Providing insights for performance troubleshooting
  • Preventive application and container runtime security enforcement
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Gloo Platform

Gloo Network is part of the broader Gloo Platform framework for centralized deployments and policy management, integrated with GitOps best-practices. Reduce complexity while increasing security, reliability, and observability for your applications with Gloo Platform.