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The promise of a modern API gateway

Modern API gateways are purpose-built for highly dynamic, ephemeral environments like Kubernetes and built with the design principles of declarative configuration, decentralized ownership, and self-service collaboration. But not all gateways are built the same.

Kubernetes-native API gateway

Just as many of your applications have moved away from monoliths, so have the gateways that support microservices. If you are ready to start mastering your cloud native application, it is time for you to move to a purpose-built, modern, Kubernetes-native API gateway. 

  • Scale your application more efficiently with distinct control planes and data planes
  • Implement consistent security policies not just at the edge, but everywhere
  • Operate the same way on all platforms, with easy-to-run features for any cloud, and easy-to-deploy methodologies for DevOps and GitOps 

And like the Kubernetes orchestration you enjoy today, your API gateway needs to be based on open source code to get the innovation of the community and the confidence to avoid cloud vendor lock-in. An API gateway that is based on Envoy offers both the open source background and the integration with Kubernetes that is critical for your cloud-native applications that a legacy gateway wasn’t designed for.

Legacy API gateways

Ask yourself if your current gateway is right for your cloud-native applications. Have you experienced any of these challenges with your legacy API gateway? Perhaps some of these situations describe what keeps you up at night:

  • There is a great deal of complexity with multiple network protocols, load balancers, and network configurations, which is almost never easy to manage.
  • Trying to address security means applying authentication and detailing with rate limiting and SSL terminations – and the more clusters you manage, the more difficult it becomes to ensure you’re adhering to the security standards. 
  • Every outage is like a murder mystery and needs Sherlock Holmes to decipher exactly what is going on.
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Gloo Platform

You owe it to yourself to learn more about how the API gateway in the Solo Gloo Platform will make your application deployments work the way you planned and scale the way you need. Simplify how you scale and secure your cloud native applications with Solo.