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Improving your security with a zero trust model

It was hard enough to secure a monolithic application – always thinking of different threat vectors and making sure the right people had access to the application while the right ports were sealed off at the perimeter. Now the application has been broken into hundreds of microservices and deployed across multiple cloud vendors. The risks are multiplying – are they keeping you up at night?

It’s time to stop worrying about your outdated perimeter security model and embrace the zero trust security model in your application


  • What if you knew that the complexities of building security into your cloud native application could be simplified?
  • What if you weren’t worried about exposing your application by adding that new public cloud vendor?

Zero trust is a comprehensive model for security that encompasses devices, end users, systems, and both internal and public networks.

It is possible to build security into each and every service communication in the distributed application. Ingress. In-cluster. Egress.

Start building zero trust security into your distributed applications today and ensure that application communications can be secured in these dynamic environments.

Zero trust security for APIs and
application ingress with an API Gateway



Zero trust security for distributed
applications with a service mesh



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Switch the paradigm for operations and security

Directly secure your application traffic to account for the disruption caused by the architectural changes. Ready to get started? Our team of technical experts is ready to discuss your most complex application networking and security challenges.

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