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Zero Trust Security with API Gateway

Relegating access to public or partner APIs is a critical component to securing your cloud native application. With a dynamic application perimeter, you need a dynamic way to secure ingress to your application. Zero trust has become an important component of how you are validating access permissions for your application ingress.

API Gateways: Productivity, Resilience, and Security for Next-Generation Cloud Applications

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With the rise of open source, cloud native technologies like containers, Kubernetes, Istio service mesh, and Envoy proxy, it’s possible to address security for microservices environments in new ways. The core principles of zero trust can be applied to how users access modern applications in conjunction with Envoy as API gateway.

  • Make every user prove who they are every time they need to use your application.
  • Clearly define what services external users have access to.
  • Implement end-to-end observability of application traffic patterns and anomalies to quickly resolve issues.

Implementing an API platform designed to address the complexities of zero trust for cloud native applications can help to automate this approach., the modern service connectivity company, delivers application programming interface (API) infrastructure software that makes it easy for your architects and engineers to manage application traffic.