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Gloo is exceptional in its function-level routing, its support for legacy apps, microservices, and serverless applications. It can easily run on AWS using AWS App Mesh.

– Frédéric Médery, AWS Solutions Architect, AWS

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CREALOGIX and Solo.io partner together to modernize digital and mobile banking services to cloud-native architecture. CREALOGIX, the leading digital banking software provider and the Digital Banking Hub solution provides a comprehensive architecture for the open banking of the future – online, mobile, or in direct contact with an advisor. The hub combines the latest technology in digital banking with modules for proactive customer support.

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Solo has been a major component and innovator in this space. Has grown its Istio contributions over time, so I’m super enthusiastic about that. Solo has pushed the boundaries of what users do with mesh. We’ll talk a little about WebAssembly in the roadmap and Solo has been a major contributor to that, particularly around the developer experience aspects and demonstrating the power of WebAssembly for mesh.

– Louis Ryan, principal engineer, Google Cloud

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Go and have a look at Service Mesh Hub [now called Gloo Mesh] from the folks at Solo. They actually tie discrete service meshes together and have a discovery so that service A on cluster A on service mesh A can talk to service B and cluster B in service mesh B and actually have that North South.

– Lachie Evenson, Principal Program Manager at Azure & CNCF Ambassador

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Red Hat OpenShift can be made even more capable for modern apps when complemented by the right technologies, namely Gloo Edge (an API gateway which enhances the open source Envoy Proxy) and Gloo Mesh (a service mesh which builds more capabilities onto open source Istio.)

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I am thankful to the Solo.io team for being one of the first contributors to Flagger. Over time the integration between Flagger and Solo.io technologies kept improving and we’re now at a point where all the release strategies that Flagger knows about, work seamlessly with Gloo Edge.

– Stefan Prodan, developer experience engineer, Weaveworks

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