Improve operational efficiency and supply chain visibility by integrating distributed systems and IoT devices, enabling real-time data analysis and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Solo solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by manufacturing companies, enabling seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and operational efficiency in the era of Industry 4.0.

Manufacturing Use Cases

Supply Chain Optimization

Streamline communication and data exchange between suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, ensuring real-time visibility into inventory levels, production status, and delivery schedules.

Predictive Maintenance

Implement predictive maintenance strategies by collecting and analyzing data from IoT sensors and machinery, leveraging Gloo for efficient data processing and decision-making at the edge.

Factory Automation

Enable integration and orchestration of diverse manufacturing systems and machinery, facilitating automation of production processes and reducing manual intervention.

Organizations Using Gloo

Navigating Key Challenges in Manufacturing Modernization

Manufacturing companies encounter significant hurdles such as integrating legacy systems with modern cloud-native applications, tackling data fragmentation for informed decision-making, mitigating cybersecurity risks in connected environments, ensuring scalability to meet demand fluctuations, and achieving interoperability with industry standards like OPC UA, MQTT, and ISA-95.

Gloo Gateway, Gloo Mesh, and Spotlight Developer Platform provide robust security features, including encryption and access control, safeguarding manufacturing data against cyber threats. Built on cloud-native principles, our solutions ensure elastic scalability to accommodate evolving operations and data needs. Utilizing industry standards, we guarantee interoperability and compliance, simplifying integration with existing manufacturing systems.

Gloo Gateway

Gloo Gateway is a lightweight, highly scalable and secure Kubernetes-native gateway with powerful API management.

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Gloo Mesh

Gloo Mesh provides robust, enterprise-grade Istio and Cilium support with multi-cluster insights and resilience to secure your service communications.

Spotlight Developer Platform

Enterprise-Grade Backstage with Spotlight – a secure Internal Developer Platform (IDP) featuring curated plugins, multi-cluster support, and a robust Insights engine.

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