Enterprise-Grade Backstage with Spotlight

Reduce the time from concept to deployment with Spotlight Developer Platform - a secure IDP featuring curated plugins, multi-cluster support, and a robust Insights engine.

Why Spotlight?

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Serving as a central hub for enforcing zero trust authentication and authorization policies, Spotlight integrates seamlessly with SSO and RBAC, ensuring secure communication.

Make tools discoverable

Use Spotlight’s service catalog to make API specifications, documentation, and tools readily available in a single location.

Curated Plugins

We've developed custom plugins and carefully selected existing Backstage plugins to meet the essential requirements of customers adopting platform engineering practices.

Standardized Service Creation

Use templates with built-in best practices for consistent setup. Enhance production consistency by reducing snowflake services. Create a golden path to production with encoded best practices.

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Multi-cluster and Multi-cloud

Compatible with any cloud and on-premise setups, supporting any Kubernetes environment.

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Insights Engine

Get feedback on best practices, security, and more to keep your operations running smoothly.

Spotlight at a Glance...

Spotlight is Great For...

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Delivering Business-Value, Not Snowflakes

Enable platform teams to construct consistent, repeatable, and best-practice golden paths for application development teams. Empower development teams to prioritize delivering unique business value over crafting snowflake infrastructure configurations.

Connecting Distributed Teams and Workflows

Create a uniform approach for service onboarding, discovery, management, and measurement to assess service and team performance. Track service relationships and ownership to facilitate continuous improvement.

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Accelerating Time To Value

Remove the overhead of assembling and building platform tooling infrastructure by leveraging a curated, open source foundation that scales to any provider and any cloud, while retaining the ability to customize for domain-specific requirements.