Large Language Model API Security

Next Generation Security with Gloo Gateway for LLM APIs

Safeguarding customer data is paramount for all enterprise security teams. With the widespread adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) services, the urgency to protect sensitive information has only intensified. That’s why security teams are now mandating a crucial shift: all applications must utilize an internal gateway as the endpoint to access large language model (LLM) APIs, bypassing direct connections.

But while a robust security strategy is crucial, it’s equally important to ensure minimal compromise to business agility and to keep control of costs. Platform and security teams must seek solutions that not only bolster security at an affordable price point but also provide benefits to developers. Enter Gloo Gateway.

LLM API Security

Empowering Security Without Sacrificing Speed

Gloo Gateway offers a unified endpoint to standardize internal API interfaces, granting access to multiple LLM backends. With authentication strategies that streamline access management and security, Gloo Gateway aligns seamlessly with org-wide authentication standards, automatically attaching LLM API keys to requests destined for LLM APIs. Additionally, users can protect and secure access to their API gateway with OIDC or alternative API key mechanisms.

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Fine-Tuned Control and Monitoring

Say goodbye to uncontrolled traffic flow. Gloo Gateway provides rate-limiting capabilities at both the gateway and route level, ensuring optimal performance without compromising security. Meanwhile, its robust traffic monitoring and logging features offer unparalleled visibility into API usage.

Flexible and Feature-Rich

Gloo Gateway is your all-in-one solution for LLM API management, offering extensive request/response and header shaping capabilities, providing the flexibility to customize API interactions precisely to your requirements. This includes the option to leverage Inja templates for transformations, enhancing the platform’s overall customizability with a wide array of features and capabilities.

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Cloud-Provider Alternative

Leveraging Gloo Gateway to support LLM APIs provides a robust alternative to cloud-provider offerings where costs can be prohibitive. Whether you’re focused on security, developer agility, or both, Gloo Gateway will unlock the next level of success for your organization at an affordable price point.