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The API Gateway for Modern Development

Gloo Gateway is a lightweight and fast Kubernetes-native API gateway with swappable developer portal, cloud-native API management, OpenTelemetry powered analytics, Ingress, and built-in GraphQL server.

Experience the Modern API Gateway

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Make 353 million requests per day on a single CPU. Gloo Gateway operates quickly and scales with each CPU handling 4,000 requests per second.


Take control of your service access with web application firewalls, FIPS compliance, rate limiting, and enterprise identity integrations.

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Integrate Gloo Gateway with your existing GitOps and progressive delivery pipelines for both infrastructure and applications.

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Cloud Native API Management

Development practices have drastically changed over the decades. Gloo Gateway is built from the ground up to support how you develop and deliver services today.

  • A fully customizable open source developer portal to catalog and categorize your internal and external APIs to fit your business needs. 
  • CNCF Backstage plugin that allows you to create additional portals and manage API services across your organization. 
  • OpenTelemetry-based analytics that can be combined with payment tools like Stripe and monetization products to build your API business.

Native GraphQL Support for the Gateway

Gloo Gateway empowers application engineers to leverage newer API types like GraphQL to limit response data or gRPC for lower latency.  

  • Embeds a GraphQL server natively into Envoy, enabling federated queries of your APIs using your service mesh and API gateways.
  • Improves performance by eliminating the additional network hop to a separate GraphQL server.
  • Requires no additional GraphQL servers!
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Start with API Security

Cloud native applications need a different way of protecting your APIs. You need a gateway built for Kubernetes, Serverless, and cloud infrastructure.

  • Lockdown user access with granular Kubernetes RBAC. 
  • Integrate easily with your existing identity provider and leverage passthrough, API key, OAuth, or OPA authentication. 
  • Secure your applications with native web application firewalls. 
  • Prevent downtime and malicious attacks with rate limiting to cap the number of service requests. 
  • Secure egress traffic with TLS organization and advanced security policies.

Fueling GitOps

Lightweight and designed using Kubernetes APIs, Gloo Gateway plugs directly into your existing progressive delivery of both your infrastructure and application. 

  • API gateway infrastructure delivery through GitOps. 
  • Lightweight and scalable to billions of calls per day across every environment. 
  • Self service for engineers to deliver through networking designed for their applications, not hardware.
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Is your API management stuck in the past?

Your Guide to API Management for Modern Development
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Introducing Gloo Gateway

  • Deploy a fast and lightweight cloud native API gateway. Able to support billions of API calls per month with only a few CPUs, Gloo Gateway scales with your largest workloads. 
  • Iterate with GitOps deployment style preferred by cloud native developers, enabling them to operate with unparalleled productivity and efficiency. 
  • Secure your services and APIs with policies tailored to specific needs of your business with Gloo Gateway

Looking for more detail?

Gloo Gateway Documentation

Gloo Gateway is enabled by two popular open source projects – Envoy Proxy and Istio. Gloo Gateway’s use of Envoy and Istio provides a robust, scalable, and flexible solution for managing API traffic in a microservices architecture.

  • Extends Envoy Proxy with a rich set of security, scalability, resiliency, cloud integrations, and ease of use capabilities
  • Enhances Istio with the control plane to manage scalability of multi-gateway and FIPS deployments
  • Includes advanced authentication, mTLS encryption, and centralized policy management capabilities


Announcing Gloo Gateway 2

How does Gloo Gateway compare?

FeatureGloo GatewayKubernetes Gateway API
Kubernetes native CRDs
Cluster Ingress
Basic routing (HTTP, TLS, TCP, UDP, gRPC)
HTTP Redirects and rewrites
HTTP Header Modification
HTTP Traffic Splitting
Multi-namespace Support
External authorization (Basic, passthrough, OAuth, API keys, OPA, LDAP, etc)
Telemetry suite
Rate Limiting
Routing to services outside of Kubernetes (virtual machines, AWS EC2, Lambda, etc.)
Lambda Support
Web Application Firewall
Developer Portal
Cloud Native API Management
GraphQL server
Distributed gateways

How can you define the gaps between the legacy API gateway and the features of a next gen API gateway built for the rigors of today’s containers and microservices?

Compare Top API Gateways

Solve Real Problems with Gloo Gateway

Gloo Gateway is frequently deployed for the following use cases:

  • Integrated API Gateway for Kubernetes (north-south traffic)
  • Ingress gateway (routing) for Kubernetes (east-west traffic)
  • Part of a broader zero trust security architecture for APIs and microservices
  • Application modernization projects requiring next-generation access security
  • Replace or augment Apigee API Gateway (improved performance, scalability, security)
  • Replace or augment Kong API Gateway (improved performance, scalability, security)
  • Replace AWS API Gateway (reduce costs, improved Kubernetes integration)

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At the core of’s product offerings is Gloo Platform, which integrates API gateway, service mesh and networking technologies into a unified application networking platform. Gloo Mesh delivers service mesh functionality and management for Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines and microservice applications to secure the internal communication between each of the services.

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Gloo Platform

Gloo Gateway is part of the broader Gloo Platform framework for centralized deployments and policy management, integrated with GitOps best-practices. Reduce complexity while increasing security, reliability, and observability for your applications with Gloo Platform.