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Gloo Gateway

Gloo Gateway is a fast, Kubernetes-native API gateway packed with features IT operations teams need to deliver a full lifecycle security strategy for their cloud-native environments.

Why Gloo Gateway?

Traditional API Gateways aren’t designed to thrive in the rapidly changing cloud-native landscape, often demanding extensive supplementary infrastructure to ensure their resilience, high availability, and readiness for production use.

Gloo Gateway Is...

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Make 353 million requests per day on a single CPU. Gloo Gateway is fast and can scale with each CPU handling 4,000 requests per second.

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More Secure

Take control of your service access and prevent data loss with web application firewalls, FIPS compliance, rate limiting, and enterprise identity integrations.

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Works with your existing GitOps and progressive delivery pipelines for both infrastructure and applications.

FeaturesKubernetes Gateway APIGloo Gateway OSSGloo Gateway
Kubernetes-native CRDs
Basic routing (HTTP, TLS, TCP, UDP, gRPC)
HTTP Redirects and rewrites
HTTP Header Modification
HTTP Traffic Splitting
Multi-namespace Support
User Interface
Base Rate Limiting
Base AuthN/AuthZ
Telemetry suite for faster operational insights
External authorization (Basic passthrough, OAuth, API keys, OPA, LDAP, etc)
Advanced Rate Limiting
Lambda Support
Web Application Firewall
Developer Portal
Cloud-Native API Management
GraphQL server
Distributed Gateways

Gloo Gateway is Great For...

Replacing NGINX with Secure, Envoy-Based Advanced Ingress

Secure gateways with out of the box authentication and monitor metrics including latency, traffic, errors, and saturation.

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Backstage Integration 768

Building and Deploying Developer Portals

Enable modern API development and management practices (including Backstage)

Modern Cloud-Native Gateways Provide

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Reduced Response Times

Boost response speed and enhance application performance

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Alternative to Legacy Gateways including Apigee

Improve performance, scalability, and security with a cloud-native API management.

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Handling Heavy Traffic Payloads

Implement best practices for large-scale API gateway deployments and serve over 7 billion API calls per day