Gloo Gateway’s dynamic routing capabilities make it well-suited for scenarios where services need to be discovered dynamically and routed based on various criteria. Using Gloo Gateway as an API Gateway enables organizations to implement intelligent routing strategies such as path-based routing, header-based routing, or even A/B testing. This use case is particularly beneficial in microservices architectures where services are evolving, and dynamic routing enables seamless traffic distribution and load balancing across multiple instances or versions of services.

Traditional Routing and Load Balancing

Traditional routing and load balancing in Kubernetes rely on native solutions like kube-proxy and Ingress controllers. kube-proxy directs network traffic to pods according to service definitions and labels, using strategies like round-robin for load balancing.

Ingress controllers manage external access to cluster services, routing incoming traffic based on defined rules and supporting basic HTTP routing and SSL/TLS termination. However, these solutions may lack advanced features such as traffic shaping and circuit breaking offered by Gloo Gateway, limiting flexibility and scalability in complex deployments.


Dynamic Routing and Load Balancing with Gloo Gateway

Gloo Gateway serves as an advanced API gateway and ingress controller, streamlining traffic management within the cluster. It allows users to set dynamic routing rules based on criteria like URL paths and HTTP headers, providing precise control over request routing.

Gloo Gateway employs sophisticated load balancing algorithms such as round-robin and weighted round-robin to distribute traffic among backend services evenly. It also supports service discovery mechanisms for automatic registration and deregistration of services as Kubernetes environment changes. This dynamic routing and load balancing capability improves the scalability, reliability, and adaptability of applications, ensuring they can handle varying traffic demands effectively.

Gloo Gateway

Gloo Gateway is a lightweight, highly scalable and secure Kubernetes-native gateway with powerful API management.

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