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Why Solo?, the creator of Gloo products, empowers cloud-native application networking with solutions like Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh.

Our mission is to simplify and enhance the security and connectivity of your cloud-native services as your applications expand into multi-cloud environments

Organizations succeeding with Gloo

Gloo products are transforming how organizations manage their cloud-native application networking, from small deployments to large-scale, enterprise implementations.

Our Vision for Cloud-Native Security

At we envision a future where cloud-native services are secured through the convergence of north-south and east-west application traffic. By merging API gateway and service mesh security, we simplify zero trust security in the cloud. Gloo Mesh and Gloo Gateway are making this vision a reality for our customers today.

Gloo Gateway: Cloud-Native API Gateway

Gloo Gateway addresses the challenge of maintaining API security in a cloud-native environment. It is designed to work seamlessly with your application services in the cloud, providing the performance your cloud-native applications demand.

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Gloo Mesh: Enterprise-grade Service Mesh

As your services become more distributed, Gloo Mesh ensures your security remains robust and effective. It fortifies your Istio service mesh with automated smart insights, providing enhanced visibility and control.

Cloud-Native Application Networking

The initial phase of adopting cloud-native technologies brought speed and agility to application development. However, the next phase presents new challenges: scaling and securing Kubernetes clusters, integrating diverse development teams and microservices, and staying adaptable to emerging innovations.

Gloo is designed to address current needs while preparing you for the future. Our products create a unified application networking platform that can start small and seamlessly scale to multi-cluster or multi-cloud environments. Built on top of leading open-source projects, Gloo products are future-proof for the next phase of cloud-native adoption.

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