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Why Solo?, the creator of Gloo products, empowers cloud-native application networking with solutions like Gloo Gateway, Gloo Mesh, and the Spotlight Developer Platform.

Our mission is to simplify and enhance the security and connectivity of your cloud-native services as your applications expand into multi-cloud environments

Our Vision

In the rapidly evolving cloud-native ecosystem, modern Platform Engineering practices are central to deploying and managing applications with efficiency and agility. Containerization, a cornerstone of these practices, encapsulates code into containers for enhanced portability and consistency across environments. Kubernetes further streamlines this approach, orchestrating containers to simplify management, scale dynamically, and automate deployment processes. However, the journey to cloud-native maturity faces its “last mile” problem: securely connecting and scaling services without a unified application networking approach creates friction and complexity in delivery.

The Last Mile Problem

The emergence of the CAKES stack—Cilium CNI, Istio in sidecarless ‘Ambient’ mode, Kubernetes, Envoy, and Spiffe/SPIRE—represents a collective effort to standardize and simplify application networking. Yet, the integration of these powerful open-source tools into a cohesive production-grade system often demands extensive expertise and a willingness to navigate complexity and risk.

Why We're Different

Gloo by addresses these challenges by combining CAKES into enterprise-grade application networking solutions that offer unparalleled security, scalability, and observability. Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh enhance developer experience, reduce operational burdens, and fortify security, ensuring cloud-native applications not only connect seamlessly but are shielded against emerging threats.

While solving the “last mile” problem is crucial, true platform engineering excellence requires seamless integration into development workflows.’s Spotlight Developer Platform, built on Backstage, provides developers with everything they need beyond a repository and IDE. Its intuitive interface streamlines the development lifecycle, boosting efficiency and security. Spotlight complements Gloo’s application networking solutions, embodying platform engineering’s goal of simplifying the journey from concept to production.

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Gloo products are transforming how organizations manage their cloud-native application networking, from small deployments to large-scale, enterprise implementations.

Gloo Gateway: Cloud-Native API Gateway

Simplify and optimize microservices traffic management, ensuring efficient communication and security. Handle external traffic seamlessly while leveraging a versatile hybrid gateway and service mesh solution for effective north-south and east-west traffic management. Fortify your APIs with advanced security for robust protection.

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Gloo Mesh: Enterprise-grade Service Mesh

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Gloo Mesh offers a unified platform for microservices applications, combining Istio and Ambient Service Mesh with Cilium CNI. It streamlines traffic management, bolsters security with mTLS and RBAC, fosters seamless communication, and offers comprehensive insights through observability tools. Moreover, it fortifies network security, optimizes traffic routing and resource usage without sidecars, and enhances monitoring and debugging via telemetry and visibility.

Enterprise-Grade Backstage with Spotlight

Spotlight empowers teams to expedite time to value by creating consistent, repeatable paths for app development, prioritizing business value over snowflake configurations. Implement a unified approach for service management and performance assessment, facilitating continuous improvement while streamlining infrastructure setup with a scalable open-source foundation.

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Gartner recognizes as a ‘Visionary’ in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for API Management

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