Peter Jausovec,   | December 07, 2023

Prepare for Istio Certification: Resiliency, Fault Injection, Security, and Advanced Scenarios

To help our community better prepare for Istio certification, we recently streamed five sessions covered in the curriculum in an event we called Mesh Week. In part 1 of our […]

Peter Jausovec,   | December 05, 2023

Prepare for Istio Certification: Installation, Upgrade, Configuration, and Traffic Management

As certifications are becoming more prevalent in the cloud-native ecosystem, the recent graduation of Istio means things are about to get REAL. With the Istio Certified Associate launch, we felt […]

Christian Posta,  Peter Jausovec,   | November 28, 2023

Using JWTs to Authenticate Services Unravels API Gateways

The API gateway component in a cloud native architecture is critical because it offloads critical API security and policy functionality to a common place, allowing the backend APIs and services […]

Duncan Doyle,   | November 16, 2023

Configuring Safelisting in GraphQL for Gloo Gateway

In one of our previous blogs on GraphQL for Gloo Gateway, we introduced you to Automatic Persisted Queries, or APQs. Persisted queries allow you to cache queries on the GraphQL […]

Tom Liszka,   | November 14, 2023

Simplifying Authorization with the Gloo Mesh and Gloo Gateway: A Zero Trust Approach

In today’s rapidly evolving world of microservices and Kubernetes-based deployments, ensuring robust security and access control within your application architecture is paramount. As your application grows in complexity, managing authorization […]

Antonio Berben,  Tyler Schade,   | November 09, 2023

Enhancing Access Control: OPA and Gloo Synergy

In the dynamic realm of cloud-native security, where the intention is to achieve authorization at scale, discover the shift from traditional role-based access control (RBAC) to the flexible domain of […]

Keith Babo,   | November 07, 2023

A New Foundation for Cloud-Native API Gateways: Kubernetes Gateway API and Backstage

The general availability announcement of the Kubernetes Gateway API marks a significant milestone in the evolution of gateway capabilities within the Kubernetes ecosystem. At the same time, the Kubernetes community […]

Tom Callway,   | November 07, 2023

Elevating Cloud-Native Innovation: Craig Box joins the Team!

We are thrilled to announce a significant addition to the family – Craig Box comes to us after serving as the Kubernetes/Istio Advocacy Lead at Google! Craig is joining […]

Neeraj Poddar | November 06, 2023

Unlocking Istio’s Full Potential with’s Insights

As you journey deeper into the realm of Istio service mesh, you’ve likely encountered the vast array of features, deployment patterns, tuning controls, configuration options, and much more that makes […]