Hoot – Advanced Istio Configuration with Envoy CRDs

During the Jan 12th Hoot, Scott Weiss dived into Istio service mesh and how to do advanced configuration with the Envoy Proxy CRD. If you missed the live episode, you can watch the recording here: You can also review the presentation slides: Extending Istio with the EnvoyFilter CRD On our next episode, watch Yuval Kohavi […]

Scott Weiss | January 12, 2021
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[Tutorial] Crush CSRF Attacks with Gloo Edge

Shield your applications from session-riding, Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.   According to OWASP: “Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they’re currently authenticated. With a little help of social engineering (such as sending a link via email or chat), an […]

Jim Barton | January 11, 2021
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New Gloo Edge To Ring In The New Year

Gloo Edge 1.6 is here to start the new year and it includes over 50 enhancements that you, our customers and community, have requested. In addition, there is a new version of the Gloo Portal which allows users to catalog, manage and securely publish APIs. Together with last month’s release of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, Solo.io […]

Chris Gaun | January 6, 2021
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[Tutorial] Rewriting Express Routes with Gloo Edge

Rewriting Express Routes with Gloo Edge During this tutorial we are going to leverage Gloo Edge as an API Gateway and Kubernetes Ingress Controller to rewrite the routes of a simple Express app. You can clone the source code from here. The repository itself is packed with Scenarios that show off more features of Gloo […]

Casey Wylie | December 30, 2020
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Making Web Assembly a first-class citizen on Gloo Mesh Enterprise Beta

WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Wasm is designed as a portable compilation target for programming languages, enabling deployment on the web for client and server applications. At Solo.io, we are very excited about Web Assembly as a way to extend an Envoy-based data plane in frameworks like API Gateways (Gloo) and Service Meshes (Istio, AppMesh, […]

Denis Jannot | December 15, 2020
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Gloo Mesh Enterprise Beta Release

From day one, our mission with Gloo Mesh has been to provide a service mesh command center that will give users indispensable features to manage a “glooed” together mix of environments, and today I am excited to announce that Gloo Mesh Enterprise is now available in Beta. We are asking the Gloo community and customers […]

Chris Gaun | December 15, 2020
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Hoot – Intro to HashiCorp Waypoint

During the Dec 8th Hoot, Yuval Kohavi provided an introduction to HashiCorp Waypoint. HashiCorp Waypoint is a new open source project that provides developers a consistent workflow to build, deploy, and release applications across any platform. Waypoint enables developers to get their applications from development to production in a single file and deploy using a […]

Yuval Kohavi | December 9, 2020
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Multi-cluster Istio on EKS-D and AWS EKS

AWS recently announced EKS Distro which allows you to run self-managed and on-premises Kubernetes clusters using the same Kubernetes binaries that run on AWS EKS. With this consistent foundation for running containers comes the need for a consistent foundation for automating the networking of those containers, specifically the security, traffic, and extensibility policies. Istio is a […]

Christian Posta | December 7, 2020
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The evolution of VM support in Istio 1.8 (with video)

Istio releases a new minor version every quarter, and most recently the community released 1.8.0. VM support for Istio has been progressing along across the last few releases. For example, in  Istio 1.6 the WorkloadEntry resource was introduced. This allowed the mesh operator to specify VM instances and their IPs as part of the mesh. […]

Christian Posta | November 25, 2020
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The evolution of multicluster support in Istio 1.8

Istio 1.8 has just been released and one of the area that has evolved is its multicluster support. If you are familiar with Istio, you probably know the 2 multicluster deployment models that were available in the previous versions: Shared control plane In this configuration a single Istio control plane was deployed and Pods running […]

Denis Jannot | November 23, 2020
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Hoot – Understanding Open Policy Agent

Kubernetes and cloud-native architecture has introduced abstractions at different layers of the application stack, starting with containers abstracting the code from the OS, networking, and more. Microservices being distributed, dynamic, and polyglot means that abstracting these operational instructions away from the business logic allows them to be language agnostic of the application code, configured, and […]

Betty Junod | November 20, 2020
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Hoot – Understanding GitOps with special guest, Stefan Prodan

Last week’s Hoot featured a conversation between Yuval Kohavi and Stefan Prodan, developer experience engineer at Weaveworks working on Flux and Flagger on the topic of GitOps. What is GitOps? Borrowing the definition from the Weaveworks website, GitOps is a way to do Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery.  It works by using Git as a single […]

Betty Junod | November 19, 2020
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