Tech debt and the value of API gateways and service meshes in application modernization

Any organization that has been around for more than a couple years has tech debt around their applications, even if they were making the best decisions with technologies and methodologies available at the time. Applications always need to evolve to meet the needs of customers, and those who stop innovating are doomed. Let’s look at […]

Nikki Rouda | June 21, 2021
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From Zero to Gloo Edge in 15 Minutes*

. *…your mileage may vary How long does it take to configure your first cloud-native application on an open-source API Gateway? How about 15 minutes? Give us that much time and we’ll give you a Kubernetes-hosted application accessible via a gateway configured with policies for routing, service discovery, timeouts, debugging, access logging, and observability. We’ll […]

Jim Barton | June 15, 2021
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Back to the Future: SOAP and XSLT with Gloo Edge 1.8

No, you don’t need a time machine to encounter SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), an XML messaging protocol from the turn of the century. SOAP remains prevalent today for enterprise web services across a number of industries, including financial services and healthcare. Unfortunately, SOAP (and associated legacy middleware applications) hold back large scale modernization efforts […]

Sai Ekbote | June 15, 2021
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Gloo Mesh and Istio on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Global Virtual Network Peering

Gloo Mesh is a Kubernetes-native management plane that enables configuration and operational management of multiple heterogeneous service meshes across multiple clusters through a unified API. The Gloo Mesh API integrates with the leading service meshes and abstracts away differences between their disparate APIs, allowing users to configure a set of different service meshes through a […]

Kevin Shelaga | June 14, 2021
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GlooOps: Progressive delivery, the GitOps way

Often times, growing teams and companies find themselves at a point where their CI/CD pipeline becomes more of a hindrance than a convenience to their application delivery. Deployments break and it’s not clear which code changes were responsible, config changes are hard to track, and getting back to a previous working state often means bootstrapping […]

Sai Ekbote | June 8, 2021
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Enterprise support for Istio in production

With the exploding popularity of Kubernetes has come a corresponding interest in Istio as a service mesh to support distributed applications and microservices. The challenge is that Istio can be complex for those unfamiliar with its features (and limitations.) provides enterprise support for Istio environments to help you avoid pitfalls and resolve issues quickly. […]

Nikki Rouda | June 7, 2021
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Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption with a Service Mesh

[This piece was originally published on The New Stack.] I have worked for years guiding large organizations on their adoption of Kubernetes and microservices, and during that time I’ve seen many common patterns. Often, organizations want to move conservatively, but this can extend the time to adopt Kubernetes from months to years. In the end, […]

Eric Murphy | June 3, 2021
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Ode to Istio

  When your Kubernetes ingress must work and your CIO is kinda being a jerk, all you need to do is insist -io that you adopt Istio.   When you need to discover microservice apps and yer upstreams are spread o’er the maps, don’t hunt gorillas in the mist -io, explore using Istio.   When […]

Nikki Rouda | May 28, 2021
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Connecting microservices on Red Hat OpenShift across operating environments

Application modernization journeys usually align to a few overlapping trends, including containers, cloud, and microservices. If you’ve chosen Red Hat OpenShift as your container orchestrator platform, congratulations, you’re already halfway home. Indeed, the IDC report “The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift” declares “[w]ith a Kubernetes platform offering such as Red Hat’s OpenShift, organizations can […]

Nikki Rouda | May 27, 2021
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Sail farther with Istio discovery selectors and long term support

A few months ago, while working with some of our large-scale customers at, we discovered that the Istio control plane watches all Services, Pods, and Endpoints in a cluster even if only a few of these services were running in the service mesh. Our customers shared their concerns that the Istio control plane processes […]

Lin Sun | May 26, 2021
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All things security for modern applications

Cybersecurity has been top of mind lately, as much as it’s been in the news. In a pair of byline articles, we looked at the implications of the recent presidential order in the context of cloud, microservices, Kubernetes, API gateways, and service meshes. Check out these thoughts and read the full articles linked below!   […]

Nikki Rouda | May 24, 2021
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Happy Birthday Istio!

Istio turns 4 today! This month, I’ve also reached 20 years working in the software industry, time flies!  Out of these years, I have seldom worked on a project for over 3 years. The Istio project is one of the exceptions that I worked on for over 3 years. I still remember in the very […]

Lin Sun | May 24, 2021
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