Security and Policy Enforcement

Service Mesh Use Case

Security is a critical concern in microservices architectures, and Gloo Mesh helps address this challenge by providing robust security features. Istio supports mutual TLS (mTLS) encryption for secure communication between services, as well as fine-grained access control through role-based access control (RBAC) policies. Gloo Mesh also enables policy enforcement for authentication, authorization, and rate limiting, helping to protect against threats like unauthorized access, data breaches, and denial-of-service attacks. This use case is vital for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of microservices and sensitive data.

Traditional Security and Policy Enforcement

Traditional security in Kubernetes relies on built-in features like RBAC and network policies, which offer basic access control and traffic segmentation. Organizations often add extra security layers such as firewalls and encryption protocols for enhanced protection. However, these measures may lack advanced features like centralized policy management and fine-grained access control, which Gloo Mesh offers. This can restrict the adaptability and scalability of security policies in complex Kubernetes setups.


Security and Policy Enforcement with Gloo Mesh

Gloo Mesh boosts security with advanced features. It strengthens authentication, authorization, and access control within the cluster. Its centralized policy management allows precise access policies. Integration with external identity providers (IDPs) streamlines authentication.

Additionally, Gloo Mesh ensures secure communication between services with mutual TLS encryption. With features like RBAC, network policies, and encryption protocols, Gloo Mesh provides a layered security approach, helping enforce robust security policies in Kubernetes environments.

Gloo Mesh

Gloo Mesh provides robust, enterprise-grade Istio and Cilium support with multi-cluster insights and resilience to secure your service communications.

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