The Story, the modern service connectivity company, delivers application programming interface (API) infrastructure software that makes it easy for your architects and engineers to manage application traffic. 

As you move to cloud, microservices, Kubernetes containers, and serverless functions, you need a secure and reliable approach to application networking, with unified observability and control. 

Solo builds on open source Envoy Proxy and Istio to give you comprehensive API gateways and service meshes that work everywhere, at any scale.

Founded in 2017 in Cambridge, MA, Solo is backed by Redpoint Ventures and True Ventures.

Leadership Team

Idit Levine
Founder and CEO

Idit Levine is the founder and CEO of She founded with the idea to create tools that help organizations meaningfully adopt cloud-native technologies alongside their existing IT investments. Idit has a long history in cloud, infrastructure and open source in management both startup and large enterprise companies. Prior to she was CTO of the EMC Cloud Management Division, a member of the global CTO office, and held technical leadership roles at Dynamic Ops, VMware, CloudSwitch, and Verizon.

Christian Posta
Field CTO

Christian Posta (@christianposta) is Global Field CTO at supporting customers and end users in their adoption of cloud-native technologies. He is an author for Manning and O’Reilly publications, open source contributor, blogger and sought after speaker on Envoy Proxy and Kubernetes technologies. Prior to, Chrisitan was a Chief Architect at Red Hat, FuseSource and held engineering positions at organizations like Wells Fargo, Apollo Group, Intel.

Yuval Kohavi
Chief Architect

Yuval Kohavi is the chief architect at working across the portfolio of commercial products and open source projects including Gloo Gateway, Service Mesh Hub, SuperGloo, GlooShot, and Squash. Prior to Yuval held various software and customer engineering roles at EMC, Intigua and IDF.

Lin Sun
Director of Open-Source

Lin is the Director of Open-Source at She has worked on Istio service mesh since 2017 and serves on the Istio Technical Oversight Committee. Previously, she served on the Istio Steering Committee for three years and was a Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor at IBM for 15+ years. She is the author of the "Istio Explained" book and has more than 200 patents to her name.

Erik Frieberg

Erik is the Chief Marketing Officer at He has a long history in technology marketing and was previously CMO at Puppet Inc and SVP of Marketing at VMware.

Chris Gaun
Director of Product Management

Chris is the Director of Product Management at He has worked on Kubernetes for over 6 years prior to joining Previously, he was in charge of the product team managing the Kubernetes platform products at D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere) and worked at Gartner as an analyst developing the first public IaaS research in the early 2010s.

Barry Lieberman
Vice President of Sales

Barry is Vice President of Sales at He has a long history in sales and was previously vice president of sales from API management company Apigee (part of Google Cloud) and previously he served as Apigee’s vice president of worldwide sales/global go to market. Before that, Lieberman worked in sales leadership roles at Endeca and SuccessFactors.

Neeraj Poddar
Director of Engineering

Neeraj is Director of Engineering at He is an open source enthusiast and a long-term contributor and maintainer of the Istio project and currently serves on the Istio Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) and Steering Committee.

Board of Directors

Puneet Agarwal
True Ventures

Puneet brings a strong mix of operational and investment experience to his partner role at True since joining in 2008. He began his career as a product manager at CrossWorlds Software, an early startup focused on software integration, which was sold to IBM. He then spent time in technology investment banking at J.P. Morgan and later in venture capital at the Mayfield Fund, where he invested in early stage technology companies. Puneet holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University, where he was a Mayfield Fellow.

Satish Dharmaraj
Redpoint Ventures

Satish joined Redpoint in 2009 as a two-time founder and career entrepreneur. Investments he has led and championed include Astro Technology, CloudSimple, Cockroach Labs, Descript, Dgraph, Duo Security, eero, LightStep, Nextdoor, Opsani, Simpo, Sonos,, Snowflake, SpringPath, and Prior to joining Redpoint, Satish was the founder and CEO of Zimbra and part of the founding team at Onebox where he led engineering and network operations. Before then, he wrote the Servlet class loader and the JSP compiler at the Javasoft division of Sun Microsystems.