In this video, T-Mobile talks about how they handle 150m transaction/day with Solo.

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In this SoloCon 2022 video, USAA explains their API gateway architecture and journey.

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In this SoloCon 2022 video, Constant Contact explains their solution for service mesh.

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  • newage-logo

    The documentation and active community make it easy to get started and provide a lot of help and support for end users like us.

    Levgenii Shepeliuk
    Acting CTO, New Age Solutions
  • mission-lane-logo@2x

    At Mission Lane, we are modernizing our platform to support microservices at scale, leveraging platforms like Kubernetes and GitOps methodology to empower and enable our developers to build new services. We chose Gloo as our API gateway because of its Kubernetes native, developer-centric experience in building and exposing the APIs of our different application services as code, seamlessly supporting our adoption of GitOps.

    Ronak Patek
    Senior Manager, Cloud Platforms

    ParkMobile partnered with because we were looking for the most innovative and flexible solutions on the market to power our growing platform. With over 16 million users of our application and a complex ecosystem of integrations, ParkMobile relies on Gloo Enterprise and the supporting product suite for best-in-class API gateway and hybrid application communications that also adds in the power of monitoring and security to ensure peak performance of our platform at all times.

    Matt Ball
  • TIDEPOOL logo

    After evaluating the numerous Envoy-based API Gateways, we chose Gloo for its elegant API, its exceptionally clean implementation, and the outstanding responsiveness of the team to issues and requests for enhancements. No other product comes close.

    Derrick Burns
    Cloud Architect
  • Vonage@2x

    With Gloo Enterprise, Vonage has access to a single, cloud native gateway that serves APIs spanning from legacy servers to modern serverless and Kubernetes-based services. Gloo Enterprise’s robust technology, coupled with the collaborative team, allows us to deploy these capabilities across regions and cloud providers, while integrating with our authentication mechanism to deliver business requirements for advanced usage plans and with our CI/CD pipelines to enable Vonage’s autonomous team.

    Sagi Dudai
  • Predict HQ logo

    We selected Gloo because it is truly cloud native API Gateway built to work seamlessly with Kubernetes and microservices. Gloo has been a critical part of improving PredictHQ’s infrastructure and service and the team has been great to work with, resolving issues quickly and thoroughly.

    Leo Palmer
  • Gameforge

    Gameforge wanted to find new ways to optimise how our players access the 500+ servers for our online, browser-based, and mobile games. Gloo Edge as an API gateway combines perfectly with our Kubernetes clusters to prepare our technology stack for future challenges. Gloo Edge fulfilled all our requirements, including custom resources (CRDs), dynamic routing with JSON Web Tokens (JWT), and integration with Grafana.

    Hannes Anders
  • playstudios@2x

    As we look to break out our monolithic backend and deploy new microservices into Kubernetes, we needed a highly scalable API Gateway to not only aggregate the microservices into a coherent API, but remove duplication from within these microservices by centralizing features such as authentication and rate limiting. The configuration of Gloo Edge via CRDs is a major advantage for our Infrastructure team and fits within our existing GitOps workflow.

    Jon Walton
    DevOps architect