Achieve Compliance, Zero Trust with Istio Ambient Mode

Looking to bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud native applications?

We can improve the security and patching lifecycle of the platform with predictable, low-risk upgrades.

The erosion of perimeter-based security, usage of cloud-based services, and the requirements for industry and federal agency compliance all necessitate the implementation of Zero Trust architectures (ZTA). A service mesh is a modern and powerful tool to implement the tenants of ZTA.

Istio ambient mesh uses a sidecar-less data plane that focuses on ease of operations, incremental adoption, and separation of security boundaries for applications and mesh infrastructure.

In this white paper, we’ll explore:

  • The forces of modernization and compliance pressures,
  • How Zero Trust architecture (ZTA) can help, and
  • How Istio ambient mesh lowers the barrier for establishing the properties necessary to achieve zero trust and compliance

Download this white paper from Christian Posta, VP, Global Field CTO, Solo.io, to learn how your company can use Istio ambient mesh to more easily and transparently enable a Zero Trust security architecture, and satisfy security and compliance requirements.

Achieve Compliance, Zero Trust with Istio Ambient Mode
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