Zero Trust Graphics

Zero Trust Security with Service Mesh

Breaking your application into hundreds or thousands of microservices can be a scary proposition when considering distributed application security.

You might start to think about all sorts of potential new threat vectors, realizing that each service-to-service communication needs to be secured.

  • How does a service know which of the other services it needs to be communicating with?
  • Can I securely direct authorized traffic between the services while keeping any improper traffic from communicating with any of my microservices?
  • What happens if my services are distributed across a multi-cloud environment?

Zero trust security is one way you can calm some of these fears. And the core principles of zero trust can be applied to the internal communications of a modern application in conjunction with Istio service mesh.

Implementing zero trust security across the service mesh is an ideal implementation of Istio. As a key participant and contributor to the Istio open source community, Solo is at the forefront of making Istio the answer to many of your service mesh questions.