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Build, Secure and Deploy Mission-Critical Applications with Solo.io

Solo.io is the solution for organizations looking to build, modernize, and deploy secure and scalable cloud-native applications.

Our platform enables agencies within the Intelligence Community, Defense, and Civilian Public Sector to embrace digital transformation and multi-cloud strategies, while modernizing and transforming their legacy systems to meet today's security and compliance requirements.

The Right Model at the Right Time

As government agencies move mission-critical workloads to Kubernetes, Solo offers the characteristics required to deliver secure, resilient, and scalable infrastructure.

Our approach is comprehensive and satisfies the security requirements of public sector organizations and agencies and simplifies how you secure and scale cloud-native applications beyond the native orchestration capabilities of Kubernetes.
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The Service Mesh and API Platform for Kubernetes, Zero-Trust and Microservices

Gloo Platform integrates API Gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, Service Mesh, and Cloud-native Networking technologies into a unified, multi-cloud application networking platform.

Interested in hands-on, developer-focused training?

Learn application networking from the industry leaders in Istio, Ambient, Envoy Proxy, eBPF, Cilium and GraphQL on Solo Academy.

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Solo.io is a respected vendor for government agencies, offering cutting-edge solutions and technologies that enable agencies to drive innovation while adhering to regulatory standards and minimizing risk.

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