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Gloo GraphQL - Simplify API Discovery & Queries

GraphQL has become a powerful way for developers to build efficient API access to modern and existing applications. Gloo GraphQL delivers an embedded GraphQL server within a modern API gateway, combining ease of deployment for GraphQL APIs, integrated security for APIs, and simplified operations for platform engineering teams. Gloo GraphQL is a modular component of Gloo Platform.

Improve Your API Queries


Exposes a single endpoint and responds with precisely the data a client requested


Scale from single, monolithic instance to a federated graph spanning multiple clusters


Even as your backend services and data sources change, GraphQL doesn’t change

Simplify API Discovery

Graph QL gives you a simple declarative way to retrieve data through the available APIs. When using GraphQL, developers can simply describe the object and the data fields they would like to retrieve from that object. By abstracting the data sources, users build from an easy query structure to retrieve data from multiple sources in a single query.

GraphQL allows you to request only the data you want and handle any subsequent requests on the server side, saving numerous expensive origin-to-client requests by instead handling requests in your internal network.

GraphQL Benefits

Not familiar with GraphQL ... or why you should care?

What is GraphQL?

Introducing Gloo GraphQL

Thinking about GraphQL from an application networking standpoint, Solo considered it to be an additional protocol layer that could be a part of Envoy, enhanced to understand GraphQL natively. Gloo GraphQL has implemented a full-featured GraphQL server component as an Envoy filter to support everything you need directly in the Envoy proxy layer. Integrated monitoring provides access to key metrics for GraphQL requests, query execution and upstream resolvers to monitor performance and debug issues.

This results in a drastically simplified and optimized platform architecture that consolidates GraphQL and application network considerations into a single component in your architecture: the proxy.

The biggest bonus for you? No additional GraphQL servers required!

GraphQL Clients And Gloo Edge

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Gloo GraphQL Documentation

If you have existing REST and gRPC APIs, Gloo GraphQL makes it easier to build on a solid foundation. This is much simpler than tying into your own APIs, which you will have to manage indefinitely.

  • Consistent policies across GraphQL, service mesh, and API gateways makes compliance easier
  • No need to program separate API query management for your services
  • Developers don’t need to know how the services connect behind the scenes

And you can also write customer resolvers with Web Assembly (Wasm) to extend your API infrastructure to meet your specific needs.

Solve Real Problems with Gloo GraphQL

Gloo GraphQL is frequently deployed for the following use cases:

  • Building upon a proven, scalable, security platform
  • Simplifying data access at the platform layer
  • Accelerating development with a GraphQL toolchain
  • Offering 100% GitOps-compatible declarative configurations
  • Building unified data graphs
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Gloo GraphQL is part of the broader Gloo Platform framework for centralized deployments and policy management, integrated with GitOps best-practices. Reduce complexity while increasing security, reliability, and observability for your applications with Gloo Platform.