Catalog, manage, publish, track, and securely share APIs for developers inside and outside your organization

What Is Gloo Portal?

Gloo Portal is a Kubernetes-native API developer portal built to run natively with Istio and Envoy Proxy that enables GitOps and CI/CD workflows.

Fully integrated with Gloo Mesh Enterprise and Gloo Edge Enterprise, the portal abstracts the complexity and enables developers to publish, document, share, discover, and use APIs with rich controls, detailed configuration information, and comprehensive security.

You can define application policies that affect the service mesh itself, including access, routes, policies, and configurations, making self-service a reality.

Gloo Portal improves API-producer and -consumer developer productivity for both Kubernetes and traditional environments. Supports gRPC and REST APIs together.

Power your GitOps strategy
Document, expose, compose, and share APIs for use in your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines
Extend to the enterprise
Enable authentication/authorization, usage plans and policies, self-service documentation, and self-service sign up
Track and show usage of APIs
Get a graph of activity for show-back, charge-back, or even monetization when paired with a billing solution (like Stripe)

Now GA - Gloo Portal version 1.0

The latest release of Gloo Portal includes new major features to drive your adoption of cloud-native APIs including detailed tracking of API usage (for visibility, show-back, or even charge-back), improved self-service usability, and full integration with Gloo Edge.

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Gloo Portal helps everyone who works with APIs. Here are features useful for common API producers and consumers workflows for GitOps and CI/CD.

  • For API Producers
  • For API Consumers
  1. Control exactly how your APIs can be used
    • Configure detailed policies for rate-limiting, failover, load-balancing, and other behavior
    • Create CRDs and manage Istio directly for all your apps and clusters
    • Set up safe guardrails and boundaries for consumers
    • Use with Enterprise versions of both Gloo Mesh and Gloo Edge, and extend with WebAssembly
  2. Manage API access with fine-grained controls
    • Set up authentication with mTLS, LDAP, etc.
    • Manage user authorization with OPA, Okta, etc.
    • Track and report usage, or even build a charge-back model
  3. Document helpful details for your users
    • List versioning and history
    • Point to more documentation
  1. Discover published APIs in one place
    • Browse via a rich graphical user interface
    • Explore from the CLI
    • Read about versions and history
    • Get pointed directly to the relevant docs
  2. Enjoy full self-service as you build
    • Be agile, autonomous, and more productive in a CI/CD or GitOps model
    • No delays waiting on the integration team
    • Understand exactly how to call and run an API safely
    • Connect, test, and call services with confidence
  3. Have full visibility into your complex applications
    • See which APIs you’ve used and how much
    • Understand your application connectivity in a clear diagram
    • Observe traffic and quickly troubleshoot issues

How It Works

Watch a detailed recorded demo of Gloo Portal, showcasing both API-driven and the API catalog GUI.

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