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Developers need API management to help publish, document, share, discover, and use APIs with rich controls and comprehensive security. Gloo Portal simplifies API management and easily integrates into GitOps, CI/CD workflows and popular Internal Developer Portals. Gloo Portal is an included component of Gloo Platform.

Up Your API Management Game


Define application policies, including access, routes, policies, and configurations


Get a graph of activity for show-back and charge-back of API usage


Improve developer productivity for API producers and consumers with self-service

Enable DevOps and CI/CD Workflows

Would you like to document, expose, compose, and share APIs for use in your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines? How would your life be better if you could easily enable authentication/authorization, usage plans and policies, self-service documentation, and self-service sign up for your APIs?

An API developer portal is the tool you need to start getting your APIs under control.

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Introducing Gloo Portal

Fully integrated with Gloo Platform, Gloo Portal abstracts the management complexity and enables developers to publish, document, share, discover, and use APIs with rich controls, detailed configuration information, and comprehensive security. You can define application policies that affect the service mesh itself, including access, routes, policies, and configurations, making self-service a reality.

  • Rich policy controls
  • Detailed configuration information
  • Comprehensive security
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Is it time to manage your APIs with Gloo Portal?

Gloo Portal Documentation

Built for API Producers and API Consumers

API Producers

Control exactly how your APIs can be used

  • Configure detailed policies for rate-limiting, failover, load-balancing, and other behavior
  • Set up safe guardrails and boundaries for consumers
  • Create CRDs and manage Istio directly for all your apps and clusters
  • Use with Enterprise versions of both Gloo Mesh and Gloo Edge, and extend with WebAssembly

Simplified, centralized Istio and Envoy management

  • Easy deployment via Kubernetes tooling
  • Configuration via Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)

Document helpful details for your users

  • List versioning and history
  • Point to more documentation

API Consumers

Discover published APIs in one place

  • Browse via a rich graphical user interface
  • Explore from the CLI
  • Read about versions and history
  • Get pointed directly to the relevant docs

Enjoy full self-service as you build

  • Be agile, autonomous, and more productive in a CI/CD or GitOps model
  • No delays waiting on the integration team
  • Understand exactly how to call and run an API safely for cross-cluster policies, config, and awareness
  • Connect, test, and call services with confidence

Have full visibility into your complex applications

  • See which APIs you’ve used and how much
  • Understand your application connectivity in a clear diagram
  • Observe traffic and quickly troubleshoot issues

Ready for how you operate

Gloo Portal makes sharing and managing access to your APIs easy, with built-in security and granular control.  Backstage by Spotify, the leading open source internal developer platform (IDP), helps teams catalog and discover a myriad of other organizational development resources, such as documentation and standard templates.  On their own, they are each excellent tools, but together, they unlock the potential for developers to create incredible experiences for your customers and break down the barriers that prevent high-quality and agile development.

Gloo Portal now offers a plugin for Backstage so that you can manage and test your APIs in the same interface as the rest of your crucial development resources. A unified interface streamlines deployments and gets your great ideas into the market faster.

Learn more about Backstage at or check out the project on GitHub.

Gloo Portal plugin entry on Backstage plugin marketplace

Not sure what an API Gateway is or how it can help?

Learn about 5 key capabilities of API gateways
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Include GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language for your APIs with a server for fulfilling queries from your user interfaces, providing a more powerful and flexible alternative to REST for pulling data from your microservices. Instead of multiple endpoints that return fixed data structures, a GraphQL server only exposes a single endpoint and responds with precisely the data a client requested.

Gloo GraphQL is another module that can be added to Gloo Platform to further simplify your API consumption.

  • Embeds a GraphQL server natively into Envoy enabling federated queries of your APIs using your service mesh and API gateways.
  • Improves performance by eliminating the additional network hop to a separate GraphQL server
  • No additional GraphQL servers required!


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Gloo Platform

Gloo Gateway is part of the broader Gloo Platform framework for centralized deployments and policy management, integrated with GitOps best-practices. Reduce complexity while increasing security, reliability, and observability for your applications with Gloo Platform.