Upcoming Events for August 2020

Our “Virtually Summer” agenda continues with more talks, demos, and live discussions on all things Service Mesh, WebAssembly, Envoy Proxy and Kubernetes. We’re always adding more talks so check out the events calendar here, request a speaker for one of your events and continue the discussion in our community slack — requests for topics always welcome!  If you’re looking for past events, check out our YouTube channel and SpeakerDeck site.


Aug 4 & 18 | Hoot: Envoy Proxy Series | Details

In this Hoot live stream series we dig into Envoy, the cloud-native proxy technology that drives the data plane for major service meshes (Istio, Consul Connect, AWS AppMesh, etc) and API Gateways like Gloo. Starting from the fundamentals, each demo-filled episode focuses on one functional area like observability, customization, security and more — to help you get a deep understanding of how Envoy Proxy works, it’s role in cloud-native application architecture, and how to use it.

Hosted every other Tuesday starting on July 21st at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific Time. This month’s episodes include How to Observe and Secure Envoy Proxy.

  • Envoy Architectural Overview and Fundamentals
  • Aug 4th – Observing Envoy: Monitoring, Logging, Performance, and Troubleshooting
  • Aug 18th – Securing Envoy: Understanding Available Security Configurations and Best Practices
  • xDS Dynamic Configuration and Control Plane Interactions
  • Envoy Filter Overview, Understanding the Filter Chain, and Lots of Examples
  • Advanced Envoy Filters and Build Your Own with WebAssembly 


Aug 12 & 26 | Service Mesh Hub Community Meeting | Details

Bi-weekly meeting for the Service Mesh Hub open source project. Everyone is welcome to join the community calls to suggest topics, lead discussions, or to listen in.

Details for the community calls:

Aug 13 | Webinar – Intro to Gloo Federation| Register Now

Get a deep dive and demo of multi-cluster API gateway management with Gloo Federation, a unified control plane for multi-cluster federation and management of multiple API gateways. Gloo Federation streamlines global resource configuration and failover routing across clusters, clouds, and regions.

This session will cover the following aspects of Gloo Federation:

  • Technical Architecture
  • Global Configuration, Discovery, and Visibility
  • Cross Cluster Failover Routing
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Demos and Q&A


Aug 17 | Service Mesh Con – Virtual | More Details

Register for this year’s ServiceMeshCon virtual for a full day of talks and discussion on the service mesh ecosystem. At this year’s event, Christian Posta provides opening remarks and delivers a talk titled Multi Cluster and Multi Mesh Patterns discussing the options and challenges for adopting a service mesh across multiple clusters and potentially across multiple meshes. We look at the challenges such as federating identity, single pane of glass for observability, developing policies et. al, as well as ways to solve these challenges. The patterns discussed here are not mesh specific and will use Istio, Linkerd, and App Mesh as examples.


Aug 17 | KubeCon EU – Virtual | More Details

KubeCon EU is now virtual with three days of talks, solutions expo, and networking. At this year’s flagship European event, Christian Posta, Lin Sun, Dan Berg, Oliver Gould, and Swen Mason will host a panel titled Ask Me Anything About Service Mesh to help attendees get answers to their most pressing questions about service mesh.


Aug 18 | Cloud Native Microservices Summit | Register

Christian Posta keynotes this year’s Cloud Native Microservices Summit hosted by Alibaba


Aug 25 | InfoQ Live |Learn More

Idit Levine delivers a talk on service mesh at the inaugural InfoQ Live virtual event to deep dive into microservices and distributed systems with world-class practitioners. Discover practical strategies to build and operate distributed systems and microservices. Attend this even to connect with an incredible community of peers in real-time and leave with peer-validated actionable ideas.


Aug 27 | Webinar – Multi-Cluster API Gateway Patterns| Register

Designing, building and operating applications for cloud-native infrastructure that are resilient, scalable, secure, and meet compliance and IT objectives gets complicated. Another wrinkle for the organizations with which we work is the fact they need to run across a hybrid deployment footprint, not just Kubernetes. Add to that the need to shape, manage, and secure the traffic coming into the environment across these different workloads and clusters.

In this webinar, we will explore deployment patterns, configurations, global traffic routing policies and more for scalable, highly available, and resilient application environments. We will compare the tradeoffs between the different patterns for consideration and guidance for implementation and operations.