Service Mesh Hub Community Meetings

Since announcing and open sourcing Service Mesh Hub in April, we’ve been working with the growing community of people and companies interested in service mesh to answer questions, discuss features for the roadmap and get feedback in the community slack channel. To provide a more interactive forum and gathering to foster discussion, we are kicking off virtual community calls.

Bi-Weekly Community Meetings

The first meeting will be held on June 17th and run every other week. We hope you’ll join us and share with your colleagues also interested in service mesh. Everyone is welcome to join the community calls to suggest topics, lead discussions, or to listen in.

Details for the community calls:

The first call will be on Wednesday June 17th at 10am Pacific and we look forward to seeing you there. Make sure to check out the meeting agenda document to add topics and questions.

Getting Involved

The service mesh ecosystem is vibrant and rapidly evolving to meet the changing needs to application level networking for microservices. If you are new to service mesh and want to learn more, check out this Hoot series on Get to Know Service Mesh to understand the architecture and technology behind service mesh and the implementation in the ecosystem.  Watch this talk and read this technical blog to learn more about the architecture and technology of Service Mesh Hub.

There are many ways to get involved and participate in the project:


  • Code: If you’re looking to hack on service mesh, check out the code and the contribution guide here and look for the good first issue and help wanted labels in the GitHub issues.
  • Docs: Contribute to the Docs or file issues for any docs bugs or requests here.
  • Community Calls: Participate by attending the calls, suggesting topics ,or leading discussions.
  • Talks and Blogs: Let us know how we can help you with your content and talks – thanks for sharing back with the community.

Looking forward to seeing you online in a couple of weeks — in the meantime, add your topics to the meeting agenda or ask questions in slack.