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Hoot [Episode 7] All about proxies, ingress and API gateways

Hoot Series: Networking at the Edge - Proxies, Ingress and API Gateways

How we need to handle application networking for Kubernetes and cloud-native platforms and how we solve them have evolved. In this series, we explore proxies, ingress, API gateways, and how they solve challenges at the edge and how they complement a service mesh to provide a holistic solution. Join us online to learn more about the terminology and technologies used to facilitate and manage incoming traffic from external clients and end users into your backend application services.

Episodes in this series:
* All About Proxies: Get the facts - Comparing Proxies, Ingress vs. API Gateway vs. Service Mesh
* Datawire Ambassador
* Kong
* Containous Traefik
* VMware Contour
* Gloo
Learn more about API gateways
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Canary Deployments in Kubernetes with Gloo API Gateway

Canary deployments are an approach for safer application delivery and in this case, the delivery of new software to your end users without disrupting or interrupting their experience by slowing down how many end users have access to the new software as it is deployed to production. Kubernetes, operators can leverage the networking layer to control the impact of new releases without crating service outages, gain early insight into any issues with the new service, and gain control over the software releases to ensure successful deployments, proper application behavior and a great end user experience.

In this webinar, we will cover:
* What is a Canary Deployment
* Considerations in designing your Canary process
* How to architect Canary Deployments with API gateways
* Ecosystem tools for automation and observability
* Demo
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GitOps powered management for multi-cluster Kubernetes across any cloud

What should you consider when designing and deploying a Kubernetes-centric architecture? and Weaveworks are teaming up to discuss common pitfalls and to demonstrate how GitOps workflows in the Weave Kubernetes Platform along with Gloo and Service Mesh Hub can configure, operationalize and extend your application environment across clouds.

* What do you need for a production grade Kubernetes infrastructure?
* What pitfalls to avoid when managing multi-cluster and multi-cloud
* How to control application traffic and security from Ingress to Service Mesh
* How to deliver sophisticated cluster lifecycle management of maintenance, upgrades and patches with GitOps
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DevOps Days Minneapolis is a proud sponsor of the DevOps Days Minneapolis event. Stop by our table for a chat on Kubernetes, Envoy Proxy and Service Mesh and their role in devops.
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