Hoot Livestream Series to Learn All About Envoy Proxy

In our previous Hoot series, we looked at the different service meshes and API gateway solutions available today, compared their architecture and philosophies. In our new series Chief Architect, Yuval Kohavi will provide a deep dive into Envoy Proxy. 

What is Envoy Proxy?

Envoy is an open source edge and service proxy designed for cloud-native applications. Originally developed at Lyft (and used internally for their service) and later open sourced to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Envoy is a high performance  C++ distributed proxy designed for single services and applications, as well as a communication bus and “universal data plane” designed for large microservice “service mesh” architectures.  Envoy is the proxy technology that drives the data plane for leading service meshes (Istio, Consul Connect, AWS AppMesh, etc) and API Gateways like Gloo.  


Episode List

Starting from the fundamentals, each demo-filled episode focuses on one functional area like observability, customization, security and more — to help you get a deep understanding of how Envoy Proxy works, it’s role in cloud-native application architecture, and how to use it. 

Hosted every other Tuesday starting on July 21st at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific Time.

  • Envoy Basics: Architectural Overview and Fundamentals
  • Observing Envoy: Monitoring Metrics and Logs, Proxy Performance, and Troubleshooting
  • Securing Envoy: Understanding Available Security Configurations and Best Practices
  • xDS Dynamic Configuration and Control Plane Interactions with Envoy Proxy Data Plane
  • Envoy Filters: What are They and How They Work, Understanding the Filter Chain, and Examples
  • Advanced Envoy Filtering and Build Your Own Filters with WebAssembly

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