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Solo.io Announces General Availability of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, Delivering a “Command Center” for Service Mesh Management

February 18, 2021

Solo.io Also Deepens Technical Investment in Istio Service Mesh with Appointment of Industry-Recognized Istio Expert Lin Sun

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.— Feb. 18, 2021 Solo.io, the modern API infrastructure company delivering application networking from the edge to service mesh, today announced the general availability (GA) of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, an enterprise-grade, Kubernetes-native solution for service mesh management. Gloo Mesh Enterprise provides organizations with a comprehensive and simplified experience for service mesh management based on Istio, the industry standard service mesh, and Envoy, the de-facto industry sidecar proxy data plane.

“We have worked to anticipate, address and exceed our customers’ demands and requests when it comes to service mesh and cloud native technologies,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO, Solo.io. “The proof is in the numbers – and in this case, we had more than 2,000 requests to take part in our Gloo Mesh Enterprise beta program, more than 800 stars on Github during Preview and nearly 400 active participants in our beta program Slack channel.” 

Gloo Mesh is designed to support enterprise users throughout the process of service mesh adoption. Enterprises who take their first steps with Istio enjoy comprehensive support and guidance from Solo.io, as well as tools to ease onboarding and to guarantee Istio FIPS compliance. As the organization’s service mesh evolves, Gloo Mesh provides tools for supporting developers and operators, as well as enhanced security and observability. With Gloo Mesh enterprise users can extend and tailor Istio to their special needs with WebAssembly modules. For organizations with complex environments across a growing number of clusters, clouds and regions, Gloo Mesh Enterprise includes new features that provide centralized management and control, enhanced security, comprehensive observability and enterprise-grade service and support. 

“Application developers and operators are increasingly embracing Istio and have made it the market-leading service mesh for managing modern, service-based applications,” said Louis Ryan, Principal Engineer at Google and Istio leader and founder. “Solo.io has been an active and influential contributor to Istio and WebAssembly, and this is an impressive achievement towards bringing Istio to the enterprise.”

As more companies embrace Gloo Mesh and Gloo Mesh Enterprise, Solo.io has increased its commitment to innovation and to providing customers with exceptional guidance, education and support. To further advance its investments in these areas, Solo.io is announcing the appointment of Lin Sun as its Director of Open-Source. Sun brings a wealth of Istio-related expertise to Solo.io; she has worked on Istio service mesh since 2017 and serves on the Istio technical oversight committee. Previously, she served on the Istio steering committee for 3 years and was a Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor at IBM for 15+ years. She is the author of “Istio Explained” and has more than 200 patents to her name. Sun has worked on container and cloud-native technologies – from Docker and Kubernetes to Service Mesh – since 2014.

“This appointment is another step in our continued commitment to providing enterprises the products and services they need to transition to modern application architectures,” said Idit Levine. “Lin brings incredible technical knowledge and understanding of what organizations need to be successful with cloud native technologies and application networking from the edge to service mesh.”

“Solo.io’s technological vision, speed of innovation, market presence and contributions to the cloud native communities are what attracted me to the company,” said Lin Sun. “I see tremendous adoption of Istio in organizations I talk to and I look forward to joining forces with industry luminaries, Idit Levine and Christian Posta, on Istio-related projects, making it easier for all enterprises to adopt, apply and use.”

For more details about Gloo Mesh Enterprise features, please read our technical blog post. You can also check out the documentation and the public Github. To request a free trial of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, click here.

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Solo.io is excited to be participating in the inaugural IstioCon, an event designed to connect community members across the globe with Istio and the Istio ecosystem. The company is honored to have one customer journey talk, four sessions and a workshop accepted for the conference. Also, Lin Sun will be speaking during IstioCon’s opening and closing keynote sessions as the program co-chair. Register and watch our IstioCon sessions, outlined here, next week.


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