Don’t Miss These 6 Sessions at IstioCon February 22-26th

Don’t Miss These 6 Sessions at IstioCon February 22-26th

Get excited! This year marks the first ever Istio conference, Monday February 22 to Friday February 26. IstioCon is a 100% virtual event that is designed to connect community members across the globe with Istio and the Istio ecosystem. The event will showcase lessons learned from running Istio in production. It will also highlight hands-on experience from the Istio community and Istio ecosystem via a range of keynotes, tech talks, lightning talks, workshops and roadmap sessions. You can register here if you aren’t already planning to attend.

Six sessions you won’t want to miss

The team is excited to be participating in this inaugural event and honored to have one customer journey talk, four sessions and a workshop accepted for the conference. The sessions are:

The good, the bad, and the meshy: a journey adopting Istio across 100 clusters at T-Mobile; Joe Searcy, T-Mobile
Tuesday, February 23 (English) 8:25-8:50

This is a story of struggle, tradeoffs, and triumphs. In this talk, we dig into T-Mobile’s journey of adopting Istio across 100+ clusters to support microservices for fraud detection, billing, sales and APIs across many teams. The journey was not all rainbows and unicorns.

I want to Sketch a Mesh for You; Christian Posta, Global Field CTO,
Monday, February 22 (English) 9:40-10:20

In this slide-free session, Christian will dive into how best to get started with Istio and iteratively adopt it into production. He will cover concepts like sidecar injection, the power of gateways, best practices for tying in PKI, and DNS proxying as new workloads are added to a service mesh.

Developing & Debugging WebAssembly Filters; Idit Levine, Founder and CEO & Yuval Kohavi, Chief Architect,
Tuesday, February 23 (English) 9:40-10:20

WebAssembly filters provide users with the ability to extend and customize Istio. But organizations often struggle to find the tools necessary to support these filters. In this session, Idit and Scott will explore some of the existing tools and solutions that work with WebAssembly and provide real-world insight into the development processes being used by early adopters.  This session will also explore how organizations can write, test, debug, and ship WebAssembly filters to extend and customize Istio.

Istio Multi-cluster Workshop; Denis Jannot, Director of Field Engineering & Christian Posta; Global Field CTO,
Tuesday, February 23 (English) 10:30-13:00

In this hands-on workshop based on Istio and Gloo Mesh (, participants will each be given a dedicated VM and will be walked through the following labs;

  • Deploying 3 Kubernetes clusters using Kind
  • Learning how to set up a management plane with Gloo Mesh
  • Federating the identity of the Istio clusters
  • Configuring cross cluster communications
  • Experimenting with WASM
  • The labs are publicly available for participants

Deep Dive into Istio Auth Policies; by Lawrence Gadban, Field Engineer,
Wednesday, February 24 (English) 13:00-13:40

One of the primary benefits of using Istio is that it provides a comprehensive security model. This enables users to express complex authentication and authorization policies for the services running within their mesh. While these security features are commonly used, they can cause confusion and are frequently misunderstood. This session will explore the security mechanisms available in Istio and will dive into how these policies can be translated from high-level user-facing configurations to runtime policies in various Envoy proxies. Specifically, Lawrence will look at the following:

  • Mutual TLS and how to configure peer authentication through Peer Authentication and DestinationRule resources
  • Enforcing end-user authentication via JWTs with Request Authentication resources
  • Enforcing authorization rules through Authorization Policy resources

Istio Debugging: Finding and Fixing Issues in a Multi-cluster Service Graph; Scott Weiss, Architect in CTO Office, and Eitan Yarmush, Senior Engineer in CTO Office, 
Thursday, February 25 (English) 9:40-10:20

Istio has some basic tooling to facilitate request troubleshooting, but it has something much more powerful at its core: Envoy proxy. When requests in the mesh start failing, Envoy is the definitive source for debugging information as it has a wealth of telemetry and logging that can be enabled to pinpoint problems along the request path. In this talk, we’ll look at how to build a repeatable and automatable set of tools to quickly debug a request path across multiple hops and potentially across multiple clusters and Istio control planes. Leveraging Envoy capabilities like access logging, module debug logging, the tap filter, configuration dumps, and detailed telemetry across multiple hops in the data path combined with some best practices, you will no longer have to worry when things appear to “not be working”.

More reasons to attend IstioCon

If all this great information isn’t enough for you to want to attend IstioCon, we also have two great offers:

  •  Get access to Christian Posta, Field CTO’s upcoming book, Istio in Action
  •  A chance to be one of 5 winners of a brand new pair of Apple AirPods

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