Get certified on the Essentials for Istio

Want to gain hot new skills to impress your employer or the job market? And earn some bling too?

Istio is the most popular service mesh deployed into production across the cloud-native ecosystem, and for good reason. It’s feature rich, open-source, and most importantly, battle proven. Istio provides the foundational pieces to implement zero-trust networking, get deeper observability into a distributed system, and smart routing control for safer software releases.

This certification is for those looking to learn more about how Istio works and how to operationalize it for their organization. You will learn the basics of routing, observability, and security, and then expand into leveraging Istio for a devops/gitops CI/CD flow, zero-downtime upgrades of Istio control plane, plugging in with existing PKI, and running Istio on VMs and across multiple clusters.

The Essentials for Istio certification is based on a hands-on, instructor-led workshop focused on how to deploy Istio into production. You will have access to your own Linux virtual machine with a Kubernetes cluster and Istio to complete the exercises.

This credential, offered by with Credly, certifies that you possess the essential skills to deploy, configure, debug, secure, and operationalize Istio for your organization.

Essentials for Istio certification badge

Who should get certified?

Application engineers, architects, developers, cybersecurity professionals, and Kubernetes administrators.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding Istio’s data plane and implementing an ingress gateway (Envoy Proxy)
  • Installing Istio with day-2 operations in mind
  • Iteratively introducing Istio in your organization
  • How to connect observability systems (Prometheus and Grafana)
  • Adding Kubernetes services while avoiding common mistakes
  • Implementing service-to-service encryption with mTLS
  • Debugging networking configurations and other Istio configuration settings when things go wrong

What does it cost?

The workshop and certification are FREE.

Earning criteria

  • You must complete our live Deploy Istio for Production workshop. Sign up now! 
  • You must complete and score 80% or higher on an assessment upon completion of the workshop.