Service Mesh

Enable microservices with reliable, secure and scalable secure service to service communication at cloud scale with service mesh.

What is Service Mesh?

Service Mesh exists to solve the new networking challenges created as applications evolve from static monolithic workloads to distributed microservices. In a loosely coupled services architecture where services are always changing, the connections between the services are critical to the application functioning properly.

With the rising popularity of microservices based architecture and containers (Docker and Kubernetes), service mesh solves the problem of how service to service communication is managed in ephemeral, dynamic and distributed environment. In networking terms, a service mesh provides the east-west traffic within the cluster, while the north-south is the traffic pattern from the outside to the cluster. Service Mesh abstracts the business logic of an application (what the service does) from the application network (how it should talk to each other).


Organizations looking to adopt microservices and service mesh are faced with a myriad of choices in mesh providers like AWS App Mesh, Hashicorp Consul, Istio, and Linkerd. The process of selecting new technology with different APIs in a rapidly evolving ecosystem can be difficult and complex.

  • Ever increasing number of service mesh options available
  • Each mesh has a different implementation, APIs and integration points
  • Each mesh presents a different operating model


Teams need the ability to choose the service mesh that best suits the business and technical needs of their application. They require the flexibility to use any mesh on any infrastructure with the controls to manage their diverse environment in a consistent way.

  • Flexibility to choose any mesh at any time for your applications
  • Unify mesh management and improve extensibility through an API translation layer
  • Ensure configuration consistency and compliance

These Organizations Modernize to Microservices with Gloo

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Simplify Service Mesh Adoption And Operations

The Service Mesh Hub in the Gloo Platform provides a unified dashboard to install, operate and manage any service mesh on any infrastructure. Get started easily in the Hub with built in installers for any service mesh or automatically discover existing service mesh clusters in your environment. View and manage your meshes and the services deployed to them. Install and manage service mesh Extensions from the Hub or build your own.


Simplify the installation and configuration of a wide variety of service meshes into your environment. Ensure consistency in critical configurations like security to reduce risk in a dynamic environment.


Unify the observability, management and operation of a hybrid mesh environment. Group multiple clusters or meshes on-orem or in the cloud, know what is running where to control your application traffic.


Leverage the mesh architecture to improve your application resilience and safety with 3rd party or custom built tools for testing, delivery, security and more.

End Users

Browse the read only site or install for free on any cluster. Commercial support plans available.


Build and list your tool to the extension catalog to extend service mesh environments.


Share your sample applications and examples with the community.

Use Cases

API Gateway Integration

Easily integrate traffic management into (north/south) and within (east/west) your cluster. The Service Mesh Hub integrates Gloo API Gateway integrates to any service mesh under management to configure end to end security, encryption and traffic control.
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Multi Cluster Management

Streamline management of your mesh across different clusters in your environment and across the software delivery lifecycle. Avoid issues of potential misconfigurations and manage multiple clusters consistently with a unified dashboard
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Get the freedom to choose any service mesh today and tomorrow on any infrastructure, and operate them together from a unified dashboard. Group disparate meshes into a single flat network and operate them as a single logical mesh.
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Service Mesh

Your microservices networking architecture may evolve to service mesh for service to service (east/west) communication. Gloo seamlessly integrates to service mesh for end to end traffic control and management.
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