The Value of an Enhanced Istio Service Mesh in Large Environments

Broad modernization and cloud initiatives are sweeping enterprises across all industries and verticals. But for large, technologically mature environments the challenges of connecting, observing and securing the sprawl of kubernetes applications is no small task.

When grappling with your approach to service connectivity, it’s important to consider:

  • Do you need to connect on-prem, hybrid and/or multi-cloud environments?
  • Are you able to interconnect large numbers of modern Kubernetes containerized microservices applications?
  • Will you have to bridge between legacy monoliths and more modern application architectures across bare metal, VMs, and containers?

A legacy approach to load balancing or API management won’t solve these challenges, which is why many are turning to a service mesh.

Open source Istio is the most popular service mesh for Kubernetes and cloud environments, but deploying the open source version in an enterprise environment at scale is no easy task.

See why adopting enhanced versions of an Istio service mesh–with dedicated support and SLAs–is critical for enterprises grappling with service connectivity in large environments.

The Value of an Enhanced Istio Service Mesh in Large Environments WHITE PAPER
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