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Secure, observe, and control your AI applications with Gloo Gateway, the leading cloud native gateway built on Envoy

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Fast Track Development

Eliminate development friction, boilerplate code, and avoidable errors in applications consuming LLM APIs with AI gateway features and guardrails across multiple LLM providers.

  • Prompt templating
  • Multi-LLM provider
  • Prompt retries

Secure and Control

Protect applications, models, and data from inappropriate access. Ensure safe use of AI with governance controls, auditability, and visibility into consumption.

  • Prompt guard & auditing
  • Data exfiltration protection
  • Token-weighted rate limiting

Expand and Scale

Leverage advanced AI integration patterns for data augmentation and integration with cloud-native gateway capabilities to support high-volume, zero-downtime AI connectivity.

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Model fallback/failover
  • Semantic caching

Start consuming LLMs across AI applications with Gloo AI Gateway.

Credential Management

Implement authentication and authorization controls across AI workloads.

Model Failover

Build resiliency into AI workloads and ensure uninterrupt service across LLM provider APIs.

Access Control

Learn how to configure a JWT provider using Gloo API Gateway and enforce access control for LLMs.

Prompt Guard

How to detect and block sensitive content and secure data interactions within LLM APIs.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Configure API credentials and refine query responses for precise outputs with RAG.

Prompt Enrichment

Set up and optimize system and user prompts to enhance LLM capabilities and responses.

Rate Limiting

Manage LLM consumption and resource allocation by rate limiting and controlled token usage within LLM APIs.

Semantic Caching

Learn how to configure Gloo AI Gateway to utilize Reis and optimize API performance.

Supercharge your cloud-native AI application starting with Gloo Gateway

Cloud Native From The Start

Implement the only enterprise API gateway built on Envoy. Run billions of transactions at a fraction of the cost with a programmable model that developers love.

Envoy 7 Bilion
Multi Tiered Diagram

Flexible, Multi-Tiered Architecture

Run Gloo Gateway as a central enterprise gateway and as a distributed micro-gateway. Reduce hair-pinning and eliminate single points of failure without sacrificing central governance and control.

Observe and Control Every Connection

API Traffic is now omnidirectional. Gloo Gateway seamlessly pairs with Istio – with or without sidecars – for complete North, South, East, and West connectivity and observability.

Grafana Dashboard
Backstage Screenshot

API Platform Ready for Center Stage

The next-generation of API platforms are not monoliths – they are composable. Gloo Gateway integrates with leading technologies like Backstage and Kubernetes Gateway API to provide modern platform engineering and cloud teams with the tools and solutions they want to use.

“Gloo checked all the boxes. API Gateway, advanced traffic routing, strong security controls, multi-cloud support and self-service for developers.”



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