Delivers Gloo Shot for Service Mesh Enabled Chaos Engineering

May 15, 2019

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, the software company that helps organizations adopt and operate innovative cloud native technologies, today released Gloo Shot to enable controlled chaos engineering experiments to improve application resilience and proactively prevent issues. An open source version of Gloo Shot is available for download in the Service Mesh Hub:, launched today, with an enterprise version coming soon. Gloo Shot will be showcased next week at KubeCon EU 2019 in Barcelona.

Modern applications are distributed, dynamic and rapidly iterated creating potential blind spots for organizations in their application architecture and the resilience of their loosely coupled services. To address those concerns, chaos engineering has emerged as a preventative practice to proactively test the application with stress and failures to identify weak points before they result in outages.​

Gloo Shot delivers chaos engineering for microservices that uniquely leverage the application’s service mesh to conduct the experiments. Service mesh is an innovative cloud native technology available from Istio, Linkerd, Envoy, AWS App Mesh, HashiCorp Consul and others, that abstracts application level networking from the application code. By using the mesh, Gloo Shot is language agnostic and does not require changes to the application code or importing libraries. Combined with other tools like Squash for debugging, provides organizations an application health toolset for modern applications.​

“The real potential of service mesh is not only the application network but the new use cases enabled by it like observability, security, health and the tools the community will build on top of it. Gloo Shot is the first product to extend the service mesh and give users new functionality for their applications,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO of​

Gloo Shot is the latest addition to the Gloo Platform suite of products including Gloo, a modern API Gateway; SuperGloo, for service mesh orchestration; Squash, a microservices debugger and UniK, a unikernel deployment platform with over 5,000 GitHub stars between the open source projects. The Gloo Platform suite of products are available in both open source and enterprise versions.

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