What’s New in Gloo Gateway Enterprise

Gloo Gateway is the next generation API gateway to easily connect legacy monoliths, microservices and serverless functions for hybrid application architecture. Gloo Gateway gives you the flexibility to modernize applications at your pace and extend investments you’ve already made in existing applications.

Since launching Gloo Gateway Enterprise in December 2018, we have fixed issues and added new features. Here are the highlights:

New Features for Gloo Gateway Enterprise

  • Use custom http service for external auth
  • Updates to GUI dashboard for tiles, filters, and searching
  • Customize the timeout and failure mode for rate limiting
  • Support for rate limiting with the Envoy config language
  • Support ability to query resources across all namespaces

Fixes for Gloo Gateway Enterprise

Don’t see an issue you filed listed here? Go to the changelog in documentation for the full list of fixes in each release.

  • Update Helm template to accept a range of namespaces
  • Update Envoy versions to apply the latest security updates
  • Fix the generation of rate limit XDS file
  • Support rate limiting with multiple listeners

Gloo Gateway is available in open source and Enterprise editions and supports an array of use cases from API gateway, Kubernetes ingress, Istio replacement for Knative and more. Gloo Gateway Enterprise includes all of the open source and provides additional capabilities in management, control and security with a GUI dashboard and a non-disruptive upgrade process from open source for those interested in enterprise features.

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