SoloCon keynotes, sessions, customers, and workshops

SoloCon 2022

SoloCon 2022 is just around the corner on March 8-10 and we are excited to share more information about keynotes, sessions, customers, and workshops. SoloCon will bring together industry experts, technical leaders, and customers to share their best practices for adopting, applying, and using API gateway, service mesh, and cloud native technologies. This year’s event also features customized agendas for the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. No matter where you are, you can join sessions or attend a workshop at a time that fits your schedule.

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Solomon Hykes and Louis Ryan added as keynote speakers

We are excited to share that Solomon Hykes (Founder of Docker) and Louis Ryan (Co-creator of Istio) will be joining us to share their unique insights on the past, present, and future of containers, service mesh, application networking and distributed applications development, and delivery.  

Learn from leading edge customers

SoloCon will feature 10+ customers talking about the challenges they face and the solutions we have delivered. Learn how:

  • T-Mobile is delivering a common edge gateway that works across all platforms and removes the need to manage resiliency, security, and observability from their development teams’ responsibilities. 
  • Constant Contact is modernizing their microservice architecture and how they designed their microservices, exposed APIs, and integrated new and old services together.
  • USAA is developing and running modern applications to delight their customers and deliver outstanding services.

You will also find great stories from Snyk, Carfax, Ory, Invitae, Schneider Electric, Waylay and others that are driving innovation in their organizations. 

It’s a multi-cloud world… Learn from leaders at Google Cloud and AWS

It’s no surprise that we are operating in a multi-cloud world. No matter if you are on AWS, GCP, Azure, or Red Hat OpenShift, we have great sessions for you. In particular, learn how organizations are leveraging Anthos and Gloo Mesh together to make complex environments easy for developers and operators. In addition, learn to quickly expose on-premises services using Amazon EKS Anywhere, AWS networking, and solutions.

Announcements and roadmaps

It’s our annual conference, so of course we have several exciting new product announcements to share. Learn about the latest releases for Gloo Mesh and Gloo Edge and the innovations we are delivering in service mesh, Istio, edge, eBPF, Wasm, GraphQL, and more. In addition, join us for roadmap sessions that outline the evolution of our products as well as sessions on the future of service mesh and other key technologies. 

Hands-on, engineer-focused workshops

Many of you have participated in our live, hands-on workshops and even become certified in Foundation and Essentials for Istio. We are excited to announce that we will have 4 brand new workshops at SoloCon: 

  • Operationalizing Istio for Day 2 with new Expert for Istio certification – Wanna be an Istio expert? This workshop gets super deep into Istio technicals. 
  • Fundamentals for eBPF with new certification – Learn about eBPF, the different ways to create eBPF programs, and how BumbleBee helps you build, run, and distribute eBPF programs.
  • Multi-tenant Istio Service Mesh with Gloo Mesh – With a focus on multi-tenancy, explore Istio concepts including multi-cluster topologies, identity federation, and authorization. 
  • Using Envoy Proxy as a GraphQL Engine – Learn how to automatically discover services and create a GraphQL resolver and schema, how to approach security, and explore the Gloo Edge UI to view, create, or test your GraphQL API.

Since all of these workshops are hands-on, instructor led sessions, SPACE IS LIMITED. Register for SoloCon today and reserve your spot. 

Hear from the leaders in the community

SoloCon includes over 35 sessions, keynotes, roadmaps, and lightning talks covering Istio, Envoy, GraphQL, eBPF, service mesh, API gateways, application networking, and distributed development. Most importantly, these sessions are delivered by industry-recognized leaders including Idit Levine, Christian Posta, Lin Sun, Ram Vennam, and many others. These are the people who helped create Istio and include founding/current/former members of the Istio Steering Committee, Istio Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), Istio Product Security Working Group, and many other open source organizations.