Ode to Istio


When your Kubernetes ingress must work

and your CIO is kinda being a jerk,

all you need to do is insist -io

that you adopt Istio.


When you need to discover microservice apps

and yer upstreams are spread o’er the maps,

don’t hunt gorillas in the mist -io,

explore using Istio.


When you need network connections secure

but you’d rather go get a manicure,

remember it’s all in the wrist -io:

throw it all on Istio.


When you want to manage multi-cluster

but the very thought gets you a-fluster,

like you have just never been kissed -io,

rest assured with Istio.


When you’ve built gateways on Envoy Proxy,

you must recall Gloo is an epoxy.

In German it’s clearly “klar bist” -io,

that you want some Istio.


When you’re ready to modernize your roll,

only one vendor will make your plan whole.

Move to cloud and leave your co-lo -io,

Slack us here at Solo.io