Announcing Service Mesh Interface (SMI) Support and Collaboration

Today we announced that is a launch partner of the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification in collaboration with Microsoft, Bouyant and Hashicorp with support across the cloud-native ecosystem. As part of today’s announcement, the SuperGloo project and The Service Mesh Hub are the first reference implementations of SMI available today.

The Service Mesh Interface (SMI) is a specification for service meshes that run on Kubernetes and defines a common standard that can be implemented by a variety of providers. This enables the industry to innovate rapidly while preserving a great end user experience. A recent blog post by Christian Posta talked about how this need is greater as adoption and innovation start to gain momentum and we are excited to see the industry converging on SMI.

We started this journey last year with the open source launch of SuperGloo for mesh-agnostic orchestration to unify and automate the management lifecycle. Last week we continued down this path and launched the Service Mesh Hub focusing on the end user experience and the collaboration and innovation in the ecosystem. As of today’s announcement, both SuperGloo and Service Mesh Hub have been updated and are the first reference implementations of the SMI specification.

Attend our June 6th webinar to learn more about the SMI specification and how our Service Mesh Hub implements it.

We look forward to you checking out both SuperGloo and the Service Mesh Hub and give us feedback in the community slack or in our Github repo.

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