Kubernetes Ingress

Accelerate the deployment of Kubernetes applications with secure access to the application cluster

Kubernetes Ingress

Kubernetes is an open source platform for orchestrating container applications; meaning automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes takes individual containers and group them into a pod, a logical unit for application. Pods can also be grouped together as a network service to be exposed publicly, discovered and managed by Kubernetes.


A Kubernetes Ingress is an API object that controls the access to the services inside a Kubernetes cluster from external users. An Ingress is a collection of HTTP and HTTPS routes that can be configured to provide externally reachable URLs,  load balancing, SSL termination and name-based virtual hosting. An Ingress controller is required to fulfill the configurations of the Ingress resource.


Kubernetes changes the way operators need to handle incoming traffic to their cluster and routing that traffic to the right set of containers.

  • Kubernetes has the concept of an Ingress Controller Resource and is required to perform this function. 
  • Ingress has limited capabilities beyond facilitating the simple use case of incoming traffic.


API Gateways provide a more fuller featured traffic management solution for Kubernetes application environments.

  • Provides ingress and egress capabilities
  • Advanced traffic shaping and management capabilities

Gloo as Kubernetes Ingress

Gloo is a modern API Gateway, built on Envoy Proxy designed to help you connect, secure and control the incoming application traffic to your Kubernetes cluster


Connect end users to the pods and services running in your Kubernetes clusters.


Protect your pods and services with additional layers of security including traffic inspection, authentication and authorization by service and end user.


Ensure the performance of your application with configurable policies to shape and control traffic to your application. Provide your ops teams with the insights to observe, manage and troubleshoot quickly and easily.