Hands-On with the Kubernetes Gateway API: A 45-Minute Workshop and Guided Tour

Kubernetes continues to revolutionize the way we deploy and manage applications. The recent GA 1.0 release of the Kubernetes Gateway API represents a significant leap forward in simplifying and enhancing the management of networking within Kubernetes clusters.

It is an important standards milestone for the Kubernetes community. It represents an evolution in capabilities from the earlier Kubernetes Ingress API. This is evidenced by the many vendors and open-source communities within the API gateway and service mesh ecosystems moving aggressively to adopt it.

In this earlier blog post, we dove into the intricacies of the Kubernetes Gateway API with an interactive tutorial that guided you through an initial implementation using a beta version of the open-source Gloo Gateway v2.0. The purpose of this tutorial was to equip you with the knowledge to use the Gateway API for external connectivity into your Kubernetes environment.

But it did require you either to use an existing Kubernetes cluster or spin up one of your own.

Now you can walk through this exercise in a hosted environment, with no need to install anything on your workstation or Kubernetes clusters.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s get started NOW! Note that you’ve never completed an exercise on the Instruqt education platform before, you will be required to create an account with them in order to access this content.


If you’d like to have a tour guide along, then I invite you to follow along with this video below, where I ride alongside you through this interactive exercise.

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