Manage business logic for access to microservices

What are Microservices?

Microservices promise greater agility and speed in delivering innovation to customers through digital experiences. Microservices are a modern software architecture pattern where many small services, often written in different languages and packages, are loosely coupled together to create an application. With microservices, you can make changes to a portion of the application quickly and without impacting other parts of application.

Container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes have streamlined the development and deployment of microservices by removing dependencies with process isolation and by automating container orchestration. With a microservices architecture, the API layer becomes a critical part of the application design connecting the different microservices.


Deploying microservices changes how your customers access your application. Traditional solutions are not well suited for distributed environments, suffering from:

  • Increased complexity with more services and external access points
  • Increased surface area of attack with distributed services
  • More complex traffic control and management needs


API gateways provide a central control and access point between your end users and your application services, and serve to:

  • Centralize end user access to disparate backend application services
  • Reduce risk by centrally applying security policies to distributed services
  • Granularly manage traffic routes and shape traffic

Customers managing microservices with Gloo Edge

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Why choose Gloo Edge?

Gloo Edge is a modern API Gateway, built on Envoy Proxy, which helps you connect, secure, and control your application traffic across for microservices and edge operations.


Connect end users to microservices, monoliths, and serverless functions on any infrastructure. Seamlessly integrate incoming traffic to an intra cluster service mesh.


Protect your business with a zero trust networking model for microservices. Apply layers of security including traffic inspection, authentication, and authorization by service and end user.


Ensure the performance of your application with configurable policies to shape and control traffic to your application. Provide your ops teams with the insights to observe, manage and troubleshoot quickly and easily.

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Use Cases

API Gateway

Microservices applications require an API gateway to manage access to backend services.
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Kubernetes Ingress

Microservices built with Kubernetes require an Ingress Controller to manage incoming traffic to the containerized applications. Gloo Edge provides a robust Kubernetes Ingress Controller.
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Service Mesh

Your microservices networking architecture may evolve to service mesh for service-to-service (east/west) communication. Gloo Mesh seamlessly integrates to service mesh for end to end traffic control and management.
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