Comparing AWS App Mesh and Istio for AWS Users

As the complexity of applications grows, shifting from AWS App Mesh to Istio within AWS EKS environments helps organizations meet the evolving demands of cloud-native architectures.

Our white paper “Transitioning From App Mesh to Istio for AWS EKS” compares App Mesh and Istio user experience, features, and more.

Read on to learn why Istio is a compelling choice for modern cloud-native architectures because of its flexibility, scalability, and control – and find out how’s expertise and tools help further.

Networking in AWS

AWS allows for building, securing, and connecting virtual private clouds within AWS EKS. With modern architecture becoming more cloud native, more networking control is necessary closer to applications, allowing for better security, observability, and control.

AWS EKS users need a sophisticated, easy-to-use service mesh solution.

AWS App Mesh vs. Istio

Since App Mesh is part of the AWS portfolio, it integrates with existing AWS tools, and its control plane components are managed by AWS.

However, as environments become more complex installing, scaling applications, and taking appropriate security measures requires more robust capabilities.

As organizations’ needs evolve, Istio is becoming a notable alternative that helps them adopt EKS at scale. Istio is easy to install and enable mTLS, and offers transparency and a strong community.

Service Mesh Capabilities to Consider

The capabilities organizations consider when assessing a service mesh include:

  • Improved user experience
  • Additional features
  • Engaged community
  • On-premises/hybrid solution

Istio is a great App Mesh alternative to meet the evolving needs required to scale EKS environments and is becoming a defacto standard due maturity and project stability.

To delve into these capabilities further, read our white paper “Transitioning From App Mesh to Istio for AWS EKS” now.