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From Zero to Gloo Edge in 15 Minutes: OpenShift Edition

Learn how to configure Gloo Edge, an Envoy Proxy API gateway, with Red Hat OpenShift How long does it take to configure your a cloud-native application on an open-source API Gateway, using Envoy Proxy with OpenShift? How about 15 minutes? Give us that much time and we’ll give you a Kubernetes-hosted application accessible via a […]

Jim Barton | July 15, 2021
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Decentralized approach to API Gateways for OpenShift on your way to service mesh

I meet with a lot of customers trying to solve service-to-service communication challenges in their cloud-native architectures. My particular interest is in service mesh technology (I’m writing Istio in Action for full disclosure) like LinkerD, Istio, or Consul. At, where I work, we help organizations successfully adopt and manage these systems, but we are […]

Christian Posta | August 9, 2019
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Debugging Microservices in Red Hat OpenShift with Solo Squash

Microservices architecture has provided the ability to ship software more frequently and faster than ever. With lots of independent, loosely coupled services distributed across an environment, debugging issues can be a difficult task. Red Hat OpenShift® is an enterprise Kubernetes platform that RHEL customers can use to build and operate cloud-native microservices. Our pals Didier […] | May 2, 2019
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