Hoot – Advanced Istio Configuration with Envoy CRDs

During the Jan 12th Hoot, Scott Weiss dived into Istio service mesh and how to do advanced configuration with the Envoy Proxy CRD. If you missed the live episode, you can watch the recording here: You can also review the presentation slides: Extending Istio with the EnvoyFilter CRD On our next episode, watch Yuval Kohavi […]

Scott Weiss | January 12, 2021
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Infrastructure Resilience: Handling Invalid Configuration in the Envoy Proxy

As the size and scale of microservice deployments increases, the problem of managing traffic routing becomes increasingly complex. When configuration goes awry, it can cause everything from control plane downtime to service outages. This short blog post will cover how Gloo, the Envoy-based API Gateway, handles the challenge of managing large-scale configurations for Envoy to prevent […]

Scott Weiss | December 2, 2019
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Knative — Kubernetes-native PaaS with Serverless

Knative — The Kubernetes PaaS for a Serverless Experience with Gloo API Gateway Kubernetes has undoubtedly become the dominant platform for deploying containers. Kubernetes provides the ability to orchestrate nearly anything via its core APIs and custom controllers which extend its API via Kubernetes Custom Resources. However, Kubernetes still leaves control to the user to make […]

Scott Weiss | August 27, 2019
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