Watch a demo video of Gloo Edge in action

Curious about Gloo Edge, our Envoy Proxy-based API gateway? Not quite ready to commit to a live demo or trial, but want to see the product in action? field engineer Adam Sayah will take you on a 9-minute demo video of Gloo Edge and enjoy guided tour of core capabilities in this video.   […]

Adam Sayah | July 23, 2021
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[Tutorial] How to configure a basic failover using Gloo Edge

Introduction Failover is the ability to seamlessly and automatically switch to a reliable backup system to make critical systems more fault-tolerant and avoid major business impacts. The following tutorial demonstrates how to easily configure the failover for your upstreams using Gloo Edge. Gloo Edge Gloo Edge is a feature-rich, Kubernetes-native ingress controller, and next-generation API […]

Adam Sayah | February 10, 2021
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[Tutorial] Securing APIs with OIDC Using Keycloak

API Gateways act as a control point between external clients (or end users) and your backend application services to make the connection, set policies around how much traffic should be accepted at any given time, to gracefully handle system failures, and to secure the environment and connection.  Authentication is one of the ways to protect […]

Adam Sayah | September 3, 2020
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