Solo Gloo Platform now on the AWS Marketplace

Today we’re excited to announce that Solo Gloo Platform is available through the AWS Marketplace, an online catalog that simplifies the procurement, provisioning, and governance of third-party software, services, and data. Customers looking to enable a cloud native API gateway or Istio service mesh on AWS can now easily install Gloo Platform using the effortless workflow of the AWS Marketplace.

Managing security in a cloud native application introduces new challenges that can be complex to control. Using the Gloo Platform helps organizations take charge of securing their containerized applications as they scale in the AWS ecosystem. This includes both API gateway and Istio service mesh functionality to secure both external and internal application communications.

Gloo Platform integrates core products together into a single environment to introduce zero trust security into your application network. Key to supporting API gateway and service mesh functionality are Gloo Gateway and Gloo Mesh. Also included with the Gloo Platform licensing are Gloo Network for enhanced security along with the Gloo GraphQL and Gloo Portal modules.

  • Gloo Gateway: Gloo Gateway delivers both API gateway and Kubernetes Ingress functionality, while providing higher-level services such as high availability, load balancing, failover, zero trust security, tracing, and metrics gathering. Decoupling the client interface from the backend implementation makes it easier for you to control and secure access to different container clusters and VMs in your application. The result is securely deploying your applications with ease.
  • Gloo Mesh: Gloo Mesh delivers Istio service mesh functionality and management for Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, and microservice applications. This allows our customers to make their Istio service mesh environments more secure and more manageable, making their teams more productive. Gloo Mesh customers are running production environments from a single Kubernetes cluster to hundreds of Kubernetes clusters across multiple zones. If your environment is handling hundreds of transactions or hundreds of million transactions per day, Gloo Mesh can help to simplify how you manage your application networking and security. Also included in Gloo Mesh is N-4 support of Istio images, removing backwards compatibility concerns.

Using Gloo Platform to support pairing AWS Lambda functions along with EKS- or EC2-based containers simplifies closing the potential security gap as your applications scale in the AWS ecosystem. Including both Lambda functions and containers together in an application allows for additional flexibility and cost savings in how the application services are deployed. By introducing an API gateway and service mesh that are built for the way functions and containers scale, customers can enjoy the same level of access security regardless of how the code is deployed. 

Typical use cases for Gloo Platform include:

  • Integrated security and advanced routing for Kubernetes clusters, including
    • API gateway for Kubernetes (north-south traffic)
    • Ingress Gateway (routing) for Kubernetes (east-west traffic)
    • Advanced multi-cluster routing for Kubernetes clusters
  • Enterprise Istio service mesh to replace homegrown or open source service mesh
  • Part of a broader zero trust security architecture for APIs and microservices
  • Application modernization projects requiring next-generation access security
  • Integrated observability for application networking and security

Availability in the AWS Marketplace is another step toward making Gloo Platform easy to introduce into your application hosted with AWS. 

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