Service Mesh in the Real World #3 — Securing Applications

We are headed into the new year with a new topic for the third installment of Service Mesh in the Real World video series featuring Sandeep Parikh from Google and Christian Posta from If you are unsure what a service mesh is, or when it makes sense to use one, then this is the right place for you — come learn and ask questions live.

So far we have covered egress (outgoing) and ingress (incoming) traffic scenarios, in particular we focused on how to handle a multi-tenant ingress scenario for larger environments where you want to implement multi-tenancy.

Securing Microservices Applications

Security covers a big surface area within application development and delivery. In this session we will focus on securing the communications between your application services including authorization and encryption.

In this session, will cover the following with Istio:

  • What’s new in the latest release
  • Discuss a service mesh concept
  • A challenge for app developers and ops
  • Historically how has that problem been solved
  • How does service mesh solve that problem differently
  • Live demos

Here is the recording of the livestream

Presentation from the session on speakerdeck

See you next time when we go online to talk about Istio 1.5 and more!

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