Migrating from AWS App Mesh to Istio

AWS App Mesh and Istio offer different levels of support and features for AWS users in AWS EKS environments. As organizations grow, Istio often becomes the more compelling solution.

Our white paper provides a robust “Transitioning From App Mesh to Istio for AWS EKS” breakdown of App Mesh and Istio user experience, features, and more.

We’ve already compared AWS App Mesh and Istio – read on for how to adopt Istio into your infrastructure, make the migration a smooth process, and benefit from its advanced enhancements.

Adopting Istio Into Your Infrastructure

Istio is now an App Mesh alternative due to its maturity, project stability, and engaged community of users and developers. It’s also a CNFC graduated project with a Kubernetes-first mindset that has significantly helped users scale their AWS EKS environments.

Making the switch, however, necessitates commitment from your team and expert guidance. Solo.io’s Gloo Mesh Core provides an advanced platform for monitoring service mesh deployments and the team serves as a reliable partner in your service mesh journey.

For a full walk-through of the process of migrating an application from AWS App Mesh to Istio within an Amazon EKS cluster, download the white paper.

Unlocking Istio’s Full Potential

The migration to Istio provides access to advanced service mesh features without the need for complex configurations upfront. By applying the Istio injection label to Kubernetes services, benefits like secure service-to-service communication, telemetry, and authentication and authorization are seamlessly integrated.

Running parallel namespaces or clusters is also possible, allowing for a phased traffic shift to Istio while ensuring uninterrupted service availability. Leveraging Istio’s VirtualServices and DestinationRules enables precise traffic management similar to the previous environment, ensuring seamless integration within the service mesh architecture.

Making the AWS App Mesh to Istio Transition

While there is upfront effort to make the switch, Solo can help your team navigate these changes with ease, resulting in a service mesh that ensures the continued delivery of services and also enhances the overall functionality of your network.

To delve into our full tutorial further, read our white paper “Transitioning From App Mesh to Istio for AWS EKS” now.