Simplify Enterprise Service Mesh Adoption With Gloo Mesh Core

Service mesh adoption has taken a significant leap forward with the introduction of Gloo Mesh Core by

Launched on November 1, 2023, Gloo Mesh Core will simplify enterprise adoption of service mesh by addressing the complexities associated with open source technologies like Istio and Cilium.

Drawing upon’s extensive experience in building large-scale service mesh deployments for Fortune 500 companies, Gloo Mesh Core offers SLA-backed support, intuitive lifecycle management capabilities, and enhanced observability features, making it a game-changer for enterprise IT teams.

Why Gloo Mesh Core Matters?

Adopting a service mesh can be a daunting task for enterprises, particularly when dealing with complex open-source technologies like Istio and Cilium.

Gloo Mesh Core simplifies this process, empowering platform teams to seamlessly manage the installation, security, monitoring, and lifecycle management of their production deployments. The insights engine within Gloo Mesh Core provides self-service operational insights for platform teams to align with best practices has built over years of helping customers deliver production-grade platforms at scale. Istio is easier than ever to adopt thanks to Gloo Mesh Core.

Additionally, our customers have access to’s world-class technical support team, ensuring their continued success.

Gloo Mesh Core Management Plane

Enterprise Istio Without The Headaches

Integrating Gloo Mesh Core into your existing Istio environment offers instant benefits without requiring any API changes. You maintain complete control over your environment while gaining access to user-friendly dashboards for automated health checks, proactive alerts, and in-depth operational insights, which facilitate quicker troubleshooting.

Simplified Maintenance

To harness the full capabilities of Istio, keeping its components up-to-date is crucial. However, maintaining multiple service mesh instances across various clusters can be challenging.

Gloo Mesh Core streamlines Istio updates by offering Solo’s long-term support images for extended Istio support. This simplifies the process, making installation and upgrades a breeze for the latest five versions (N-4) of Istio, along with patches and security releases.

With Gloo Mesh Core customers can finally say goodbye to the complexities of Istio maintenance.

Streamlined Metrics and Insights

Effective management of your service mesh requires a straightforward way to oversee security, traffic, and routing. Gloo Mesh Core provides a comprehensive observability solution with industry-standard OpenTelemetry metrics.

After collecting metrics, gain insights and identify crucial patterns effortlessly. By adding Gloo Mesh Core’s dashboard to your existing Istio setup, you’ll have a unified interface for managing, monitoring, and gaining insights into your Istio environment.

With Gloo Mesh Core, your Istio environment now has an intuitive, single pane of glass UI to track operational health and insights. Access environmental insights, receive timely health alerts to identify issues quickly, and stay ahead of potential problems like certificate expiration.

Simple Extensibility

As your environment expands across teams and clusters, upgrading from Gloo Mesh Core to Gloo Mesh Enterprise is simple. This upgrade unlocks advanced policy controls, Workspaces for team autonomy, and support for expanding multi-cluster setups.

For a more comprehensive zero-trust strategy that includes API controls, consider adding Gloo Gateway to bolster your cloud-native application security.

Adopt Ambient Mesh With Ease

First developed by and Google, Ambient Mesh introduces a novel architecture for Istio that eliminates the need for sidecars in each application. This innovation translates into substantial cost savings of up to 99% and a 90% reduction in overhead management.

As a key contributor to Ambient Mesh, is actively working to make a generally available version accessible to the open-source community. In the meantime, Gloo Mesh Core advances Ambient Mesh and is the primary platform where users can leverage this exciting new architecture for single-cluster use cases.

The best part? Ambient Mesh is compatible with any CNI, including AWS, OpenShift, and Cilium.

Want to try Service Mesh without the headaches? Try Gloo Mesh Core

With Gloo Mesh Core, is making service mesh adoption more accessible and manageable for enterprises, transforming the way businesses handle their production deployments. If you want to simplify your service mesh journey and empower your IT teams, Gloo Mesh Core might just be the solution you’ve been awaiting for.

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