Building with the Community — Thank You to the Gloo End Users and Customers
| November 14, 2019

Today marks a milestone in our journey with Gloo, our Envoy Proxy based API Gateway as we reach 1.0. We are especially excited to celebrate this milestone with the community — our customers, open source users and partners that spent the time to provide feedback, file issues, pull requests, integrate Gloo with their technology and share that back out with the community.

Gloo stats since March 2018

Thank you for the partnership so far and look forward to building the next phase of Gloo together!


D-TECK is an HR technology company with a psychometric assessment platform to assist organizations in maximizing the performance potential of their teams and individuals.

In building D-Teck’s HR assessment platform from the ground up, our priorities were to build a cloud-native platform robust enough to grow and scale with our business but didn’t overcomplicate our operations. We selected Gloo because of its simplicity, ease of use and flexibility. The features in Gloo were key for D-Teck as it provides our platform with robust API Gateway functionality today and supports our future plans of integrating service mesh and increase security to our Kubernetes environment.” said Felix Roberge, CTO of D-Teck Solutions

Learn more about D-Teck Solutions, read the blog post and watch their talk.

Tidepool is a nonprofit organization focused on delivering high quality diabetes software with a mission to make diabetes data more accessible, meaningful, and actionable.

After evaluating the numerous Envoy-based API Gateways, we chose Gloo for its elegant API, its exceptionally clean implementation, and the outstanding responsiveness of the team to issues and requests for enhancements. No other product comes close.” said Derrick Burns, Cloud Architect at

Learn more about Tidepool, read the blog post and watch their talk.

ParkMobile, LLC is the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. Their services have been adopted in more than 2,000 locations, including 35 of the top 100 cities in the U.S. by millions of registered users.

ParkMobile partnered with because we were looking for the most innovative and flexible solutions on the market to power our growing platform. With over 16 million users of our application and a complex ecosystem of integrations, ParkMobile relies on Gloo Enterprise and the supporting product suite for best-in-class API gateway and hybrid application communications that also adds in the power of monitoring and security to ensure peak performance of our platform at all times.” said Matt Ball, CTO at ParkMobile

PredictHQ is the demand intelligence company used by companies all over the world including Uber, and Domino’s. PredictHQ provides a premium event data service to empower users to build smarter products and strategies.

We selected Gloo because it is truly cloud native API Gateway built to work seamlessly with Kubernetes and microservices. Gloo has been a critical part of improving PredictHQ’s infrastructure and service and the team has been great to work with, resolving issues quickly and thoroughly.” said Leo Palmer, SRE at PredictHQ

Vonage is redefining business communications by making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal, to help enterprises the world over, stay ahead. Vonage provides unified communications, contact centers and programmable communications APIs, built on the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

With Gloo Enterprise, Vonage has access to a single, cloud native gateway that serves APIs spanning from legacy servers to modern serverless and Kubernetes-based services. Gloo Enterprise’s robust technology, coupled with the collaborative team, allows us to deploy these capabilities across regions and cloud providers, while integrating with our authentication mechanism to deliver business requirements for advanced usage plans and with our CI/CD pipelines to enable Vonage’s autonomous team,” said Sagi Dudai, CTO of Vonage

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